DAZ3D - Matchless Trek Odyssey Galaxy X T6

From The Word Go uploaded to KAT by Soeperman -- "STO (Foremost Trek Online) The Galaxy X (Level 6) The Level 6 Yamato Order Dreadnought Cruiser was built for action with the Federation«s widely known enemies in berate. It was heavily influenced by the advances made in the Andromeda Order Probe Cruiser»s conniving and has incorporated its body politic of the art systems to think up a truly indomitable starship. The Galaxy order was refitted at the have recourse to c get to work of the 25th century, after the fall through of the Khitomer Accords in 2399. In rejoinder to increased bloodshed with the Klingons, the newly redesigned carries a cloaking gimmick and a telling spinal assegai weapon. The is an alternate fact conception of the U.S.S. Scheme-D from the Foremost Trek: The Next Inception occurrence «All Reliable Things...». STO (Foremost Trek Online) The Odyssey (Level 5) The U.S.S. Scheme-F is an Odyssey-order Dreadnought under the hold sway over of Captain Va'Kel Shon. She is the successor to the U.S.S. Scheme-E, is the flagship of the Union, and was launched in 2409. The Odyssey order was designed by Adam Ihle, victor of Recondite Studios' Conniving the Next Scheme contention. It also includes the U.S.S. Aquarius. A ungenerous conductor shutle heavily armed, and saucer split. Do Note: The vessels has a unexpressive sides as to the name and registry numbers, i did this on per pes so you can pick out what to name the and registry. Also I do not know how to write bumb maps so right now the ships has no bumb maps . if anyone can write them I would be willing to update this into survive. If you like to have iray into them, it can just interview the lightning into the windows and texture_windows. as for the iray texture_windows imitate the inferior double into the emission and the windows lights up like in the promo depiction. maybe i will do an update for this with iray materials someday. These vessels aren't donwloaded anywhere as recondite has the rights, however these are my favorite ships in racket so I made them available here."