Current Window Minimizer v8.9.0.0

Genuine Window Minimizer v8.9.0.0 [!] Top-Level [+] New [-] Rooted typographical error [*] Changes --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Genuine Window Minimizer 8.9 (22.07.2016) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [+] The CFL possess straighten reversal is expanded with the wit to specify an authoritarian folder where the configuration files should be stored: ActualWindowMinimizerCenter.exe CFL «» [*] Overall sturdiness is improved. [*] Usual scaling in principal DPI resolutions has been conclusively implemented for: — uncommonly head buttons — Log window — AltMinimize floating shield advance showing [*] Judgement dialog has been restyled. [*] Usual scaling in principal DPI resolutions has been conclusively implemented for program dialogs (About, Reveal, After for Updates, etc.). [-] Auto-detection of at liberty gap for uncommonly head buttons worked incorrectly in principal DPI resolutions for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Thing windows. [-] Some features stopped working in Skype windows after cache the Genuine Window Minimizer configuration. [-] Windows 7+: Limited window settings with certain Window Caption criterion specified did not refer to Microsoft Executives Comfort windows (Affair Viewer, Chore Scheduler, Disk Superintendent, etc.). [-] Intuit QuickBooks windows hung for a while after right clicking the uncommonly head buttons. About Genuine Window Minimizer Since Windows® operating technique doesn't stipulate the inaction wit to underrate any window to the technique tray, Genuine Window Minimizer was developed for this sole good but being developed for years now it performs this sole purpose flawlessly. Genuine Window Minimizer is a minute but resilient utility which is only needed to be installed to convince the underrate-to-tray wit online in a most instantaneous and down-to-earth way: it adds an uncommonly Underrate-to-Tray Underrate-to-Tray button button to every window's head bar so that you can send any window to the technique tray in a sole mouse click! You can use Genuine Window Minimizer for at liberty for 60 days after it is installed so just download and try it yourself now! Besides the uncommonly button Genuine Window Minimizer offers many other ways to complete the underrate-to-tray vitality. For example, you can override the inaction behavior of any window«s type Underrate button and use it for the surrogate minimization. Also you can beat windows in the tray automatically upon their startup or deactivation. Comprising the sample of thousands of its users Genuine Window Minimizer is the decisive clarification for the »Minimize-to-Tray' hard! Documented Website: