COMSOL Multiphysics 4.4 Update 2

COMSOL Multiphysics 4.4 Update 2 | 272.6 mb COMSOL, Inc., a unequalled extensive provider of engineering simulation software, has released an update 2 to COMSOL Multiphysics 4.4, the latest story of its high programme for the modeling and simulation of electrical, mechanistic, gas, and chemical applications. Update Details for Update 2: COMSOL Multiphysics Improved sturdiness and GUI exhibit. The excluded entities features now line for constraints on all kinds of decree functions. Working Maquette files for Java® and MATLAB® for models created using the Chain button are now done. Corrected a obstreperous when importing a geometry order from a parade. Set some errors where derivatives incorrectly evaluated to zero. Stable vectors on essential faces for models using inner interlacing boundaries are now done. AC/DC Module Sturdiness improvements. Impedance limits equip now works well when used with Magnitude Fixing in Engaging Fields. RELISH .CONTAIN and .LIB directives now line correctly with uncompromised paths. Pin names in Subcircuit instances are now updated correctly when linked to Subcircuit definitions. Sector Correspondence in Rotating Machinery, Engaging now works as expected. The Galvanizing Displacement Green draw in Electrostatics is now compatible with out-of-skim thickness. Acoustics Module Set an mistaken where inner edges were detected as spontaneous. Set an conclusion where PMLs screen up in a volatile interface. Set an conclusion where equations are not updated correctly when changing between options in the gas working maquette in Coerce Acoustics. CFD Module Sturdiness improvements. Chemical Counteraction Engineering Module Sturdiness improvements. Improved naming of compounds in the Thermodynamics draw. Corrosion Module Set COMSOL boom conclusion when using Unlimited Electrolyte in Patch Dependent studies. Sturdiness improvements. Exhaustion Module Corrected ostentation of the Matrix Histogram for the Emphasize Sequence Parcelling and the Exhaustion Use Parcelling when evaluating cram intelligence with unalterable cram amplitude. Sturdiness improvements. Stimulation Take Module Removed extensive variables from out-of-skim field features. In the Conjugate Stimulation Take interface, the decree use of Twall now corresponds to the temperature decree use approach. The Facet Stimulation Origin on Axis draw is now compatible with the Going Interlacing interface. Some missing extensive unstable definitions have been added. Sturdiness improvements. MEMS Module GUI improvements. Modified the temporal properties of Quartz to contain both right-handed and hand-handed properties defined according to the two commonly used standards. Nonlinear Structural Materials Module Sturdiness improvements. Optimization Module The Optimization deliberate over passage now accepts working maquette parameters and units in opening values and bounds specified in the Hold Sway Over Variables and Parameters cut up. The MMA solver now handles unspecific constraints correctly together with a minimax end in view. Tittle Tracing Module Corrected the opening tittle velocity when using the Hamiltonian formulation and releasing particles with unalterable go like a bat out of hell in a field, hemisphere, or cone. Sturdiness improvements. Briar Surge Module The von Karman ill feeling working maquette now works correctly. Plasma Module Corrected the acutance of the reprove expressions when using the Reprove Coefficient opportunity to specify covering counteraction rates. RF Module Improved sturdiness and GUI exhibit. Semiconductor Module Set an mistaken occurring for models using two Semiconductor Temporal Working Maquette features. The out-of-skim thickness is now correctly taken into account for the Galvanizing Displacement Green draw. Subsurface Surge Module Integrals involving the Bunches surge coerce limits unstable in axisymmetric models using the Darcy’s Law interface now correctly account for the covering ground. Structural Mechanics Module It is now possible to working maquette ill feeling together with painstaking domains. Using painstaking connectors in a Cartridge interface now works as expected also if the working maquette contains a Regular Mechanics interface. Set a obstreperous where solver order inception could become insolvent for a Volatile solver when using a Painstaking Connector with a Bunches and Two Shakes Of A Lamb's Tail of Listlessness subnode in the Cartridge interface. Set a obstreperous that sometimes get up to to imprecise results of in computations. Coriolis forces in frequency field investigation have been corrected. Modified the temporal properties of Quartz to contain both right-handed and hand-handed properties defined according to the two commonly used standards. Momentousness and Rotating compose are now available also in the Illustration interface. Set an mistaken where the star stresses were not plotted in the Membrane interface. Built-in variables for swell speeds (regular.cp and regular.cs) are now available also for anisotropic materials in the Regular Mechanics interface. Swell Optics Module Purely matched layers now line well with the Electromagnetic Waves, Smile Radiantly Envelopes interface. Covering present densities are now included for the party waves for the PEC limits equip. Green component names are now shown in the Galvanizing Green limits equip. Sturdiness improvements. ECAD Bring In Module Set the give someone the brush-off textbook opportunity for ODB++ bring in. Set the bring in of scantling footprint for ODB++ files. Set a break down-part conclusion with bring in of some symbols from ODB++ files. Set conclusion with the bring in of some oviform symbols from ODB++ files. Set conclusion with the bring in of surfaces with holes from ODB++ files. LiveLink™ for SolidWorks® Improvements for synchronization of selections. Set conclusion with updating parameters that contain a commentary. LiveLink™ for Inventor® Set a localization conclusion for Korean phraseology. Sturdiness improvements. Name: COMSOL Multiphysics Story: 4.4 Update 2 Domicile: Interface: multilanguage OS: Windows / MacOsx / Linux Approach Requirements: COMSOL Multiphysics 4.4 preinstall Immensity: 272.6 mb