DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger v-4.0.5 Patched (CTRC)

[center] [img]http://i0.wp.com/enstinemuki.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/best-battery-saver-app-for-android.jpg[/img] [u][b]Requirements:[/b][/u] 2.3+ [u][b]Overview: [/b][/u]DU Battery Saver, the world’s best battery saver and Android power doctor & executive, is a AT LARGE battery reserve app that makes your battery last longer! Get up to 50% more battery subsistence for Android phones or tablets! With DU Battery Saver’s bright pre-set battery power bosses modes, one-suggestion controls and nourishing supervision fake-handle features, figure out battery problems and last your battery subsistence. Presented by DU Apps Studio, DU Battery Saver is the simplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone working well when you need it, and guard against necessitous charging, battery hogging apps, and overlooked emblem settings that cut your battery subsistence. Upgrade to DU Battery Saver PRO, and get up to 70% battery power savings! [u][b]Highlights of DU Battery Saver (Android power doctor & executive):[/b][/u] ★ Sybaritic Battery Saver: Instantly discern and figure out battery problems with the “Optimize” button. ★ Classic Battery Saver: Use bright pre-set battery power bosses modes or bring into being your own to get great in extent play and huge dynamism savings. ★ Basic Battery Saver: Guard your battery with nourishing charging to last subsistence of your battery. ★ Commodious Battery Saver: The available paravent “Optimize” widget allows you to refrain from power consumptive behind the scenes apps with one tap to aid battery subsistence. ★ Lenient & Influential Battery Saver: Last your Android battery subsistence by up to 50% without charging. ★ Broad Battery Saver: Supports Deutsch, Español, English, Française, Português, Português do Brasil, Pусский, Türk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, 日本語, 한국의, 中文(简体), and 中文(繁體). ★ Adapts to You: Automatically release power and dynamism with DU Battery Saver’s Bright Power settings (requires DU Battery Saver PRO rendition). [u][b]Features and Benefits of DU Battery Saver (Android power doctor & executive):[/b][/u] ► UNERRING PROMINENCE: See exactly how much battery supervision you have radical with a complicated dissection of your Android apps AND hardware; ► BRIGHT PRE-SET MODES: Opt or customize a way that fits your dynamism stage; ► ONE-CLICK OPTIMIZATION: Instantly discern and fix battery power consumption problems and unlock complicated settings to wonderful-be blind to your dynamism savings; ► ANYTIME OPTIMIZATION: Handle behind the scenes apps and phone tools surely with the bright available paravent widget; ► BETTER BATTERY DETAILS: Direction your phone’s battery power au fait with by piece or by however remaining; ► NOURISHING SUPERVISION FAKE-HANDLE EXECUTIVE: Traces and device nourishing charging practices in different fake-handle s to keep your battery working its best; [u][b]Must-Have PRO Features of DU Battery Saver: (In-App Obtain Required)[/b][/u] ► SAVVY INTELLECTUALS WAY-SWITCHING ► AUTO-GO APPS ► CPU FREQUENCY (for sybaritic devices only) [u]“THE battery reserve dedication that will augment the functionality of your phone like no other to effect that your battery lasts longer, much longer.” – Mobiappsreview.com “It really stands out from the press with its huge opulence of use and very influential functionality.” – Androidappsreview.com[/u] [u][b] Often Asked Questions (FAQs):[/b][/u] Q: What is nourishing supervision fake-handle and how do I get a in its entirety charge? A: Supervision your battery when it’s farther down than 20% fake-handle, and continuously supervision until the 3rd fake-handle of the ooze charging is bring to an end. Do not overcharge or undercharge by charging in exclusive of bursts.   [u][b]WHAT'S NEW[/b][/u] Rendition 4.0.5 Updates: 1. Improved Advanced Saving's scanning speed; 2. Notification Saving's scanning is now more accurate; 3. Bugs fixed;[/center] [center][img]http://extraimago.com/images/2015/11/08/oPEExeG.png[/img]