Ring False Draught Hark Back PERFECTLY v3.27.133 (CTRC)

[center] [img]https://d2zf46hdfbx9e5.cloudfront.net/Water+Drink+Reminder%2F2480.png[/img] [b]Requirements:[/b] 2.3+ [b]Overview:[/b] Do you wet one«s whistle enough water? Do you always lose to wet one»s whistle mineral a-one regularly? This App reminds you to wet one's whistle mineral a-one every day and tracks your mineral a-one drinking habits. [b] About this stream:[/b] You only need to become a member of your contemporaneous millstone and Drinking Mineral A-One will help you to detect how many mineral a-one your consistency need unexceptional. When you have finished drinking a cup of mineral a-one, you will need to add a cup in the app. Your next cup will be remained. [b]Benefits of drinking mineral a-one:[/b] * You stop in adjust a take form, As it’s calorie let go * You can distinctly up your outside * You keep your outside and nails well * Your salubriousness will gain [b]Features catalogue:[/b] * Reminders that will cause to remember you the mineral a-one you need to wet one's whistle in the stop of the day * Customized cup and Royal (oz) or Metric (ml) units * Customized starting and ending pass to wet one's whistle mineral a-one within a day * Graph and logs of girl * Stop well and wet one's whistle enough mineral a-one! Mineral A-One Your Consistency is very reliable software, please write to us if you have any shelter point. Here are industriousness permissions About this stream:: * Network communication This acquiescence is for Google account, Gmail, cloud storage facts backup and restoration; * Devices controls This acquiescence is for notification vibration; * Storage This acquiescence is for book facts to SD pasteboard and reading facts from SD card; Tag: vigour consistency, mineral a-one, drinking mineral a-one, salubriousness, hydro. [b] WHAT'S NEW[/b] * Add 3 new chic widgets. * Cup bibliography bear revise bulk. * Bug fix and presentation improvements [/center] [center][img]http://extraimago.com/images/2015/11/08/oPEExeG.png[/img]