KarmaFX - Synth Modular (64bit) OS X [dada]

KarmaFX &#151; Synth Modular (64bit) OS X [dada] 25.6 MB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href=" http://karmafx.net« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://karmafx.net</a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KarmaFX Synth Modular is an advanced and enthusiastically facile Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Cause Portion. Its surprising visual- and enthusiastically intuitive owner interface lets you tone just about any handle or slider by any oversight signal &#151; making the soundscape possibilities almost immeasurable. FEATURES: &#151; KarmaFX Synth Modular: Advanced Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Cause Portion. &#151; Bright Modular patching of synth Components and Controls. &#151; Internal inebriated-frequency digital simulation of analog voltage levels. &#151; Oscillator with side, Detune and Pulsewidth that generates ideal synth waveforms. &#151; Dual Oscillator with Detune, Hardsync and Circus modulation. &#151; Sampler, 16/24/32 bit Mono/Stereo multi representative actress that imports WAV/SF2/SFZ files. &#151; Multisample editing with Key/Velocity-ranges and Circus-Points. &#151; Additive and Pad module with waveform and Harmonic Magnitude/Phase editors. &#151; Owner defined waveforms and built-in presets of up to 1024 harmonics. &#151; 2/4 At Opposite Extremes Multimode Filters with Cutoff, Resonance (LP, HP, BP and BS filtertypes), &#151; SVF, Zolzer, Moog, 303like, Formant, Comb, Allpass, Parametric and Shelving Filters. &#151; 10-line digital and 31-line simulated analog Unambiguous Equalizers. &#151; Amplifier and Stereo module with Panning, Sum Total and Velocity oversight. &#151; Two guide Mixer with Circus modulation and Bit operations. &#151; Retard, Reverb, Phaser, Chorus/Flange, Pitchshift, BitShuffler and Distortion effects. &#151; Tone Down-knee Compressor with Peak/RMS detection and non-requisite Sidechain. &#151; 10 Octave/12 Note Bung oversight with Detune, Portamento and Pitchbend bolster. &#151; Controllers for Frequency Modulation (FM) and hurried frequency sweeps. &#151; Up to 16 guide Unison controller with Detune and Stereo pan spread. &#151; 32 routine out of keeping with, 4 octave Theme controller with Call, Circus, Legato and Arpeggiator. &#151; Bipolar/Unipolar LFO with Pulse Sync, HFO with FM opportunity. &#151; ADSR and Multipoint Envelopes with Linear, Exponential, Hermite and Cubic curves. &#151; Routine Out Of Keeping With Sequencer, Envelope pupil, Representative & Call and A Decline modules. &#151; Productivity module with Panning, DC slaying, Sum Total and oversight. &#151; Ruction generator, filtered Pink, Anaemic and Brown Ruction with Frequency Sync oversight. &#151; Input generator so synth can role as an Advert cause. &#151; Bright stereo bolster (selected modules can run in mono to deliver CPU cycles). &#151; Patches are built up of Generators, Filters, Amplifiers, Controllers, Effects and Modulators. &#151; Up to 49 simultaneously direction modules (8 modules per assemblage and 1 productivity module). &#151; Ready-Made visual feedback on all controls. Frequency, Time/Amplitude, Modulation, etc. &#151; Optionally see knobs and sliders incite as they are modulated. &#151; Opt between Mono, Legato, or up to 16-share spot on Polyphony. &#151; MIDI modulator modules for MIDI Controller, Velocity, Aftertouch and Pitchbend input. &#151; 128 owner-assignable Automation controls with MIDI Learn. &#151; Fully skinnable GUI: Non-Requisite skins are bundled with the placement. &#151; 7 banks of pre-made KarmaFX patches + userbanks. (More than 1300+ patches comprehensive). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place and Use! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do not space rolling in it with this software... Recognize to BUY the substance if you USE it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- prospective-dada ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- demonoid.pw 1337x.to thepiratebay.se flashtorrents.org btscene.cc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MMXV (12)