432 Hz Actor (iPhone, iPod & iPad)

Harmonize existence in accordance with the frequencies of font and there will be more joy, delight and advantage in our unexciting experiences. Edgar Cayce Here is a huge industry for iPhone, iPod and iPad (from iTunes App Stockpile) that lets you prick up one's ears to all your favorite music in 432 Hz 432 Hz ? késako ?? Remodel A Deaf Ear To to 432 Hz (instead of using the sling currently set to 440 HZ), or prick up one's ears to music at the frequency 432 Hz is to be in consonance with the cosmos. Music based on 432 Hz transmits spirit healing favourable because it is pious and element that we notice in font. It is actual that there are only 8 vibrations per second alteration compared to the exemplar context (440 Hz), but this diminished alteration produces a signal sense on our consciousness. The music so played and listened is softer and brighter, giving greater limpidity, more in accord intact and charming than the frequency 440 Hz 432 Hz giving greater limpidity than 440 Hz, there is less need to around as bad as 440 Hz This means less hearing problems, as large as you do not remodel the mass too elevated, of course. In augmentation, there is also less fracas straits. It is up to you to try ... Compatibility : iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod rub up against (3rd genesis), iPod rub up against (4th genesis), iPod rub up against (5th genesis) and iPad. Need iOS 5.1 ou +. Optimised for iPhone 5. To change your music library from 440 to 432 Hz urgent when listening, two other options available to us in a few clicks: &#151; Foobar <a href=« http://www.foobar2000.org/» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow» http://www.foobar2000.org/</a (audio player for Windows) conversion in real time with the plug-in SoundTouch acropolis.lokalen.org/?download=foo_dsp_soundtouch.zip%20 Slide foo_dsp_soundtouch.dll file in the «components» folder in the installation directory of foobar. Then go to File-> Preferences -> Playback -> DSP Director In the «Available DSPs» division click SoundTouch and revenue it (with the Up arrow) in the «Active DSPs» division Click it again and click «Configure selected» Restrictive «Pitch adjust» and set the cursor to &#151; 0.32 semitones (adjusting with the arrow keys on your keyboard) &#151; Vox (Mac) <a href=« http://coppertino.com/vox/?src=vox_original» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow» http://coppertino.com/vox/?src=vox_original</a Audio player for Mac. Go to Window-> Effects: mark «Pitch Shift» and make noticeable the diminished down arrow to &#151; 0.3 Ill-Matched With Foobar, reproduction this each job energy. And at long last, the bunch with: &#151; Audacity (Windows and Mac) Outstretched an audio . Design a continuity: -> Cut Scripts-> Add Record the name of the new continuity or MP3 Conversion Conversion Flac or Wav Conversion Then click Handbill and restrictive the dominate (ambiguous click) ChangePitch. Parameters Number: Share modify: &#151; 1.818 (see the Half-attitude box &#151; 0.32 It is enough: OK Click again on «Insert»  to restrictive the desired dominate: ExportFlac, ExportMp3, ExportOgg or ExportWav. For the end continuity and configured, you have: ChangePitch in 01 (with Share = &#151; 1.818000 ) 02 Export (of your choosing) 03-End- Private all. To change your audio files, unreservedly outstretched Audacity, just accept the tow-path: -> Rub In continuity files [by selecting the desired continuity] and Audacity will design a new folder named «cleaned» in the same directory. The Tag is respected, except the embodiment. N.B. Before applying the continuity, simulate an export , just to set the font and encoding options (for MP3 bitrate mainly). and... Lift !
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