Advanced Download Straw Boss Pro v5.1.2 Set Up 51241 APK [SadeemPC]

Advanced Download Foreman Pro v5.1.2 b51241 Requirements: Android 4.0+ Advanced Download Foreman is the best android downloader for you! Important Downloader: &#151; downloading from internet up to three files simultaneously; &#151; accelerated downloading by using multithreading (9 parts) &#151; download files in breeding and take up again after failure; &#151; interception of links from the browser and clipboard; &#151; leg up algorithms for increased celerity of downloading; &#151; loader for images, documents, archives and programs; &#151; download accelerator for venereal networking service; &#151; faster downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G networks; &#151; downloading only through the internet on Wi-Fi; &#151; bolster resuming of interrupted downloads; &#151; video downloader and music downloader; &#151; celerity up downloading from categorize-sharing; &#151; bolster files larger than 2 gigabyte; &#151; equal download files in line. Advanced Settings: &#151; interface customization and themes; &#151; distinguish the folder for downloaded files; &#151; come to someone's rescue different categorize types in different folders; &#151; self-governing actions after ended download; &#151; invent an deserted categorize to accelerate downloading; &#151; autostop downloads if the battery fee prone is low; &#151; auto take up again after errors and debilitate of connection; &#151; denote roll of links from a issue categorize on SD-card; &#151; backup roll of downloads and settings in file; &#151; planning start of downloading at right time; &#151; turbo set-up for celerity up downloading; &#151; profiles for each group of connection; &#151; self-governing effective on schedule; &#151; bolster brisk autoadd download. Tidy Interface: &#151; research purpose, menu with brisk options; &#151; advice from downloader: celerity, , time; &#151; sorting downloads by group, pronouncement, and name; &#151; ambience menu for tractable directors of downloads; &#151; unblock completed downloads through favorite apps; &#151; bolster rest, take up again, restart for downloads; &#151; origin of advanced profiles for sites; &#151; okay-tuning for each download; &#151; widget on homewards divide. Extended Notifications: &#151; icon with make one's way and celerity in notification panel; &#151; unmistakeable make one's way-bar on top of all windows; &#151; completing notification by undamaged and vibration. Lecherous ADM Browser: &#151; bolster of multiple tabs; &#151; roll of life and bookmarks; &#151; tractable sending categorize to downloader; &#151; download mp3 from lay archives; &#151; interception of mp4 video from tubes; &#151; tractable downloader for all types of files; &#151; alternative «User-Agent» for falsification the browser. Square conduct of the roll of downloads: &#151; clip on the download to start/stop the process; &#151; clip on the completed download to unblock the file; &#151; extended clip on download to unveil the ambience menu. Add categorize in Advanced Download Foreman: &#151; clip on tie up and from window «Complete fighting using» distinguish ADM Editor; &#151; extended clip on a tie up to unveil the ambience menu, clip «Share» or «Send» and from window «Share via» distinguish ADM Editor; &#151; mimic tie up, after program authenticate it from clipboard and send in ADM Compiler, or use «Add» button and paste the tie up. Advanced Download Foreman does not bolster YouTube under the rules of Google. WHAT'S NEW: Added download files to SD-be forthright for Lollipop and Marshmallow. Settings ( menu) &#151; Downloading &#151; Folder for files &#151; Access to SD-be forthright (must distinguish a object folder, not cause of SD-be forthright) For new access does not labour categorize commands: unblock, make a move, percentage, cataloguing, authenticate for duplicates, free-born interruption on SD-be forthright. Labour only strike out and rename commands. Homepage <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a