Amber Stand - Municipal Prognosis UNDIMMED v2.4.5 APK [SadeemPC]

Amber Survive &#151; Specific Forewarn GENEROUS v2.4.5 Requirements: Android, varies with thingamajig Amber Survive offers various survive widget styles within a smallest designed survive app. Use your favorite widget on your domicile small home screen and possess have a good time it diurnal! Amber Survive brings you elevated grandeur designs of survive widgets from different designers and artists. We are trying to ornament your domicile small home screen by providing various survive widget themes in our «Customize Store». Features: &#151; Artless survive widget &#151; Common and hourly survive story ( 7 days and 24 hours), widespread verse conditions &#151; Intuitive low-down of temperature, invigorate hurry and conduct, humidity, visibility, adversity, dew application, UV etc. &#151; Auto-turning up,updated with your way of thinking &#151; Multi survive details rise professional care. &#151; Clever Caution when survive changed, uphold plague notification to your android have on thingamajig. &#151; Uphold new countenance on Android L and Android have on. &#151; Uphold swagger widespread and coming survive in expandable notification bar. &#151; Uphold clock & survive, forewarn and widespread survive info widget for memo pad and phone. &#151; Uphold Put Behind Bars Small Home Screen Widget and DashClock dimensions. &#151; Acute-Effect:You could unlocked clock, date-book, survive, widget settings, or any other app by click different extent in widget &#151; Uphold tens of thousands cities's feeling around the midwife precisely, also uphold midwife precisely clock take it when you are traveling! &#151; Uphold new countenance on KitKat 4.4 - Generous-small home screen immersive set-up Coming Soon &#151; Customize Elements &#151; Doppler and Radar map. WHAT'S NEW New countenance: Unlocked Leaf in Labs. Redesigned feedback center. Improved notification circumstance. Enhanced widget completion. Improved details exactness. Resolute boy bugs. Homepage <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Unlocked All STOCK Themes Stuff and Widgets | Analytics removed