Advanced Download Boss Pro v5.1.2 APK [SadeemPC]

Advanced Download Boss Pro v5.1.2 Requirements: Android 4.0+ Advanced Download Boss is the best android downloader for you! Dynamic Downloader: — downloading from internet up to three files simultaneously; — accelerated downloading by using multithreading (9 parts) — download files in offing and carry on after failure; — interception of links from the browser and clipboard; — help algorithms for increased belt along of downloading; — loader for images, documents, archives and programs; — download accelerator for societal networking service; — faster downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G networks; — downloading only through the internet on Wi-Fi; — bear resuming of interrupted downloads; — video downloader and music downloader; — belt along up downloading from alphabetize-sharing; — bear files larger than 2 gigabyte; — equiponderance download files in order. Advanced Settings: — interface customization and themes; — limited the folder for downloaded files; — preclude different alphabetize types in different folders; — involuntary actions after unabated download; — engender an deficient in alphabetize to accelerate downloading; — autostop downloads if the battery debit prone is low; — auto carry on after errors and prepare of connection; — implication bibliography of links from a issue alphabetize on SD-card; — backup bibliography of downloads and settings in file; — planning start of downloading at right time; — turbo fashion for belt along up downloading; — profiles for each variety of connection; — involuntary fbi on schedule; — bear irascible autoadd download. Scrub Interface: — corporeal intention, red menu with irascible options; — report from downloader: belt along, square footage, time; — sorting downloads by variety, tidy, square footage and name; — framework menu for manipulation of downloads; — charitable completed downloads through favorite apps; — bear music fermata, carry on, restart for downloads; — genesis of advanced profiles for sites; — keen-edged-tuning for each download; — widget on profoundly scan. Extended Notifications: — icon with furtherance and belt along in notification panel; — crystal clear furtherance-bar on top of all windows; — conclusion notification by robust and vibration. Dissolutely ADM Browser: — bear of multiple tabs; — bibliography of recital and bookmarks; — sending alphabetize to downloader; — download mp3 from routine archives; — interception of mp4 video from tubes; — downloader for all types of files; — choice «User-Agent» for sham the browser. Open rule of the bibliography of downloads: — crush on the download to start/stop the process; — crush on the completed download to charitable the file; — protracted crush on download to ceremony the framework menu. Add alphabetize in Advanced Download Boss: — crush on together and from window «Complete combat using» limited ADM Editor; — protracted crush on a together to ceremony the framework menu, crush «Share» or «Send» and from window «Share via» limited ADM Editor; — example together, after program arrest it from clipboard and send in ADM Redactor, or use «Add» button and paste the together. Advanced Download Boss does not bear YouTube under the rules of Google. WHAT'S NEW: Added download files to SD-press card for Lollipop and Marshmallow. Settings (Red menu) — Downloading — Folder for files — Access to SD-press card (must limited a object folder, not encourage of SD-press card) For new access does not industry alphabetize commands: charitable, put forward, split, cataloguing, interruption for duplicates, unfettered array on SD-press card. Industry only blot out and rename commands