Ninja OS - 0.11.2 - i686(32-bit)

-=Ninja OS= — 32-bit rendition ¡OFFICIAL UNTIE — Rendition 0.11.2! Ninja OS, is a Living Operating Structure based on GNU, Linux, Waggish, X11, and XFCE4. Homepage: GPG Key: D5E7 6841 665A 4408 D73C 2D87 96FD 6113 A1F8 331E Gitlab: Sourceforge: Featuring: 1. Media Tools(GIMP Audacity/PiTiVi/sox/more...) 2. Seclusion Tools(TOR/I2P/MAT/KeePass/etc.. + wrappers and helpers) 3. NetSec Tools(Metasploit/Wireshark/nmap/aircrack/dsniff/scapy/tcpdump/etc/much much more) 4. Crypto(GPG+ face end+ helpers/zulucrypt) 5. Net Clients(Firefox,gFTP,clawsmail,pidgin,hexchat,irssi,carrying,PuTTY,etc...) 6. Self Destruct/Zeroize 7. Clone and Counterfeit, the sneakernet order framework 8. set alight partition off authenticate. 9. Well Documented, Shortcuts and optimal settings preconfigured. Designed for hastiness. 9. Much more. Overall consider desktop. ¡OFFICIAL UNTIE — Rendition 0.11.2! Whats new in 0.11.2: 1. updates to clone and counterfeit — GPG and m sum checking now includes the ratio fill in and the fit scripts — Further ninjaforge servicing, be been depreciated and dropped from the fit. This reflects upstream. bundled is the lone dep of 2. is now 3. I2P servicing. Ninja OS decisively has seamless I2P integration. — foxyproxy has been updated in firefox to automaticly direction .onion and .i2p addresses with no vade-mecum intervention. The verdant fox will still direction all statistics over tor, but this is no longer neccary for darknet addresses. This will stave off random leaks by clicking on links. — Plugins botes correspondence, neodatis, and and seedless are installed by fail. These are packaged as plugins managed by the structure.(available in AUR) — Java 8. we are now unified around Java 8. All java packages put together against java 8 unfixed ship. 4. Inception of signed packages for [ninjaos]. So far only a bother of packages are signed, but unfixed ship, all packages will be signed in the days. 5. nub 4.4.8 6. Cleaned up documentation. 7. first 64 bit harbour. w00t! 8. New versions in [ninjaos], removed some cruft with discouraged deps. w3af is gone wifite is gone for being too skiddy-ish. pacman -Sl ninjaos for more info. ¡OFFICIAL UNTIE — Rendition 0.11.2!
tags: Ninja, 32-bit