WinAbility USBCrypt v16.6.1

WinAbility USBCrypt v16.6.1 USBCrypt™ is a effectual software encryption utility for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP that protects your petulant tidings from illegal access. It locks the bad guys out, and protects your special, corporation, and pecuniary figures. Use USBCrypt to encrypt your USB and other removable and obstinate drives with influential encryption. USBCrypt uses the effort model AES encryption algorithm to nurture your files, the strongest care available. USBCrypt encrypts your files hot (click to add to) Distinct From other encryption programs, USBCrypt is closely integrated with the Windows outside. This makes working with encrypted drives hands down and intuitive. The drives encrypted with USBCrypt can be used with other Windows computers, even if they don't have USBCrypt software installed on them. You can use USBCrypt to nurture your files if you use a removable disk to remind the files between your help and living quarters. This is especially weighty if your occupation files contain secret ensemble tidings, or ungregarious tidings about your clients: losing such figures without encrypting them could magnetism misfortune for your corporation or employment! USBCrypt can help you nurture the sequestration of your figures. If you use a removable initiative to keep the backup of your files, you don«t want it to get into the illicit hands. With USBCrypt, you can contrive a Practical Encrypted Disk backup your files precisely to the encrypted storage territory. If someone gets believe of your exterior initiative, s/he won»t be able to pull out your backup without the watchword. USBCrypt can keep your special files arrogate, too. What if you suffer the loss of the initiative with your vacation photos somewhere away from home? If you have encrypted it with USBCrypt, you can doze well wise your ungregarious files won't appear on some shady web . Stiff Website: