Adguard for Mac (v1.3.0) [Mac OS X] [Multi] (2016)

Program name: Adguard Program Sort: Anti-, Web Screen, Anti-Phishing and etc. Construct: 1.3.0 Discharge time: June 21, 2016 Patois: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and etc. Operating methodology: OS X Classify measure assess: 47 Mb ---------------------------------------------------- About this gushing:: Adguard — is one of a warm of top ad blocker for Mac OS X. It is a unlimited program that contains all the necessary options for the most enjoyable using the Internet. Ad Blockers, augury or blocking phishing and other online threats and defence of your offensive statistics on the Internet. Adguard able to impediment advertising completely in any assiduity. In contradistinction to other existing solutions for Internet filtering, Adguard was created specifically for the Mac, which allows you to impediment advertising are not only in browsers, but also in the applications installed on your tool. ---------------------------------------------------- Advantages of the program: 1. Works in all renowned browsers; 2. Designed to impediment all types of advertising; 3. Peaceful to use, blocks ads insensibly in the unobtrusive mode; 4. Warns about the liable to be during the modification to leery websites; 5. Has the module (Buddy Adguard) to carry on the program as soon as from your browser; 6. Prevents from counters and systems analysts, prohibits tracking purchaser work online. ---------------------------------------------------- Methodology requirements: Operating Methodology: OS X 10.7 and beyond Browsers: Any (Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc.) Disk: 100 Mb unbidden untiringly disk intermission. ---------------------------------------------------- What's new in construct 1.3.0? 1. [Improved] Focal filtering rules processing precipitousness was optimized. 2. [Changed] $replace rules now have higher weight than other focal rules. 3. [Anchored] Adguard collapse because of enormous statistics: URLs. 4. [Anchored] Adguard does not disregard «base» tag «href» assign while constructing unconditional URL any more. 5. [Anchored] Websites can't be pulverized any more because of untrue HTML heart a «noscript» tag. 6. [Anchored] Transgression then occuring when parsing a craze tag with embedded svg. 7. [Anchored] Adguard can now learn of HTML if there is an xml pronouncement at the start. 8. [Anchored] Backfire HTML comfort detection. 9. [Anchored] filtering matter. 10. [Improved] Snowball comfort filtering rules extremity to the fullest limit. 11. [Changed] Webdav methods are supported now (specifically DISPATCH). 12. [Changed] Rewritten identity theory of checking the websites availability. 13. [Anchored] After blocking a SITUATION solicitation, next solicitation is pore over only when statistics was pore over to end. 14. [Anchored] Adguard prevents UDP above on 443 anchorage. 15. [Anchored] Adguard fails to learn of HTML on some websites. 16. [Added] A notification that is shown if purchaser unchecks the «Filter https protocol» box. 17. [Added] Finnish patois. 18. [Added] Vouch For for complex patois codes. 19. [Changed] Snowball lethargic joint timeout to 10 minutes. 20. [Anchored] Muddle with Adguard start after motherboard replacement. ...and etc
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