Vizzywig - Video Columnist Flick Picture Show Maker.ipa troop for iphone, ipad

NOTE: you need to be jailbroken and you need to introduce appsync to be installed in your ios apparatus from cydia amass vizzywig is the first all-in-one, large screen-making perseverance for iPhone, iPad, and iPod come up to that lets you track record, crop, and vernissage in genuine dated! See what the newsmen is hyperbole about! Tested extensively on iOS 8.1 and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Everything works precisely. Tally out our new «Create Music Video» be involved! Allusion clips, add transitions, overlay snapshots and titles, set in/out points, split clips and even set backstage music while you collar the circumstance. When the circumstance is over, altogether tap DONE and your finished large screen is rendered in minutes perfect with a skilful studio intro, titles, transitions and even Hollywood-opulence scrolling credits. MULTI-CAMERA RECORDING Vizzywig also lets you track record and combustible-flog from up to 16 iOS devices at the same dated using our marvellous withdrawn camera be involved or contrive multiple-slant music videos in minutes with a unwed camera using our new «Create Music Video» multi-segment be involved. ** Await the demo: ** • Crop while filming. Add music, credits & more • Multi-camera recording & seamless sharing • CHAMPION: Macworld «Best of Show» Furnish • Allusion up to 30 clips or photos in one become involved hurry up • Seamlessly track record, crop and split your videos in minutes. • Add transitions, vernissage your shots, ornamentation clips and rearrange sequences. • Flyer intros, titles, credits, photos and music. ••• OVER 1.2 MILLION USERS WORLDWIDE ••• PLUS! Pin up to 16 iOS devices over Wi-Fi so you can examine, flog camera angles, track record and edit… all on the fly! Here’s what the critics are saying: “Easy and powerful.” – Jackie Dove, “A vigorous multi-camera video-editing suite.” – Kelly Hodgkins, TUAW “You’ll be the next Steven Spielberg in no dated!” – Zach Walton, WebProNews COLLAR THOSE HOCUS-POCUS MOMENTS WITH CALMNESS • NEW: Improved facial detection lets you track record alone using several cameras. • NEW: Seal heart and unmasking for better tally. • NEW: Contrive multi-camera clips with a unwed apparatus. • Flog between face and back cameras while recording. • Seize photos while recording. • Add unrequisite rendezvous & dated stamps entirely into the video. • Tally zoom, heart, and unmasking functions manually or automatically. • Supports 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360 resolutions. • NEW: Arms Video Stabilization • NEW: Audio Meter • NEW: 24p, 25p, 30p, 60p, 120p on supported devices. TAKE UP THE DIRECTOR’S MODERATE • NEW: Add multiple backstage music tracks • NEW: Expanded library of looping backstage music tracks. • NEW: Echo audio from any recorded segment or any segment in your camera slate. • Pin and simultaneously track record from up to 8 devices linked over Wi-Fi. • Collar the performance from up to 8 unrivalled angles. • Take Into One's Possession withdrawn camera clips at to the greatest staunchness. • Send or take into one's possession pre-recorded clips between devices. CROP YOUR VIDEOS LIKE A PRO • NEW: Flyer «News Broadcast» titles over the back end of your videos. • Vernissage, ornamentation clips and activity your end large screen right on the wens. • Add fully customizable titles and scrolling credits. • Up Sticks, replicate, strike out or burden clips without exiting the water camera examine. • Puncture to the greatest-featured editing methodology for advanced users. • Access songs from your own music library. • Add a Hollywood go through with one of six skilful-status studio intros. • Allusion .MOV files or clips from many everyday cameras. SPLIT YOUR CREATIONS WITH THE DATED • NEW: Upload sessions with all crop details to DropBox or via iTunes Sharing. • IMPROVED: Email or upload entirely to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or CNNiReport. • Exclusive from 3 sharing resolutions for faster upload speeds or higher status