Adguard Thin On The Ground B Costly Apk (Plan B Mask Ads Without Unearth)

Adguard provides you with a credible and tameable barrier that in a jiffy and without your participation filters the loading web pages. Adguard removes all the annoying ads, blocks loading of hazardous websites, and will not allow anyone to run down your activities on the Internet. When processing a web send for, Adguard does several things at once: 1. Removes ads and online tracking from the send for. 2. Checks a send for against our database of phishing and malicious sites. 3. Checks apps downloaded from unbeknownst sources. HTTPS filtering appearance: One more customary grill was about download sprint fall off over HTTPs. HTTPs filtering is a leaden counter-intelligence agent, so that was expected. What was unexpected to us is that some services like Google Wager may download apps over HTTPs. So, we have greatly optimized the filtering sprint. On our assay legend pleasure it has showed an bourgeon in 5-10 times! Way DNS servers: With Adguard you can now override plan DNS settings and use any DNS servers you like. Just as with substitute settings, Android does not allow you to do it when you are on motorized observations, so Adguard is your only opportunity. To do it: go to Settings – Advanced – Low-destroy settings – tap pref.vpn.dns and join preferred DNS servers addresses (one per be on the take). UI [Added] Fair lesson when narcotic addict tries to set notification icon to “None”: [Rooted] Tethering “conflict” notification is shown every in good time always: [Rooted] Statistics detalization for low-res devices: [Rooted] Dialog windows compass: [Rooted] Accessibility fine kettle of fish for visually impaired users: Networking [Added] Low destroy beat for AG to away HTTP/HTTPS volume to a queue: [Rooted] Cast ad placeholders are patent in some apps with HTTPS filtering enabled: [Rooted] Adguard does not congest connections when an app switches to SSL 3.0: Rooted some apps reproduce ad requests every second: [Rooted] HTTPS filtering does not drudgery for Google domains (Android N): [Rooted] Fault generating certificate for certificates w/o variant name: Compatibility [Rooted] PrivatBank: [Rooted] Inflamed Birds Friends: [Rooted] HERE Maps: [Rooted] FarPost Кино