Windows 10 Pro Anniversary 1607 14393.10 Redstone RTM Start-Menu

Number 05 August 2016 This quotation it’s by nature. Quotation Name: ‘’5 RafaWay users and Non users’’ Start Menu Customized of: Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update 1607 14393.10 Redstone RTM Download also the ‘’RafaWay Programs’’ If your computer does not have RafaWay and you don’t want to initiate RafaWay, we persuade initiate in a second SSD/Hard require, so you don’t need to reformat your computer. In structure to talk into you to initiate RafaWay, here we will play you a little bit of the functionalities without the need to reformat your computer. For example: RafaWay Shortcut: 1). StartMenu: On ‘’RafaWay Shortcut’’ folder or zipped folder (C:RafaWayMore or RafaWay Programs), there is varies Windows and Microsoft Office® Menu-shortcuts versions. The Microsoft Office® shortcuts only calling if you have or installed the same type corresponding to the ‘’Office Shortcut RafaWay’’ within the start menu and it it’s also necessary to dismiss the shortcut created by Task coronation. The touchstone M. Office® Shortcut within the RafaWay start menu is 2016. If you initiate an earlier type, dismiss the shortcut, and carbon twin the established shortcut type to the start menu. Use the ‘’shortcut startmenu all users’’ to susceptible your start menu folders. Carbon Twin to the ‘’All Owner menu’’, so other users accounts will have the same start menu. On your preferred ‘’RafaWay shortcuts folders startmenu’’ and carbon twin to your computer ‘’start menu’’ 2). Adept Launch/‘’Taskbar’’: Carbon Twin the RafaWay folder to require C:/ (recommended), go to the taskbar and click on the options/toolbar/new taskbar/ and add one of the subfolders ‘’QL’’ that you liked. Uncheck ‘’lock the taskbar’’/. Click in the ‘’two arrows’’-‘’taskbar’’ options and uncheck ‘’Show Text’’/’’show title’’. 3). Links: Carbon Twin the shortcuts of the ‘’Links’’ folder to the ‘’Links’’ folder of your computer. In Windows 10 ‘’Links’’ will not appear in the side of Windows Explorer. 4). The ‘’FirefoxPortable’’ and ‘’ThunderbirdPortable’’ well customized it’s in RafaWay folder you copied earlier to Require C:/, or carbon twin it now. It has many uses, one of them is to have another Gmail account without needing logging in and logging out. 5). How to Initiate Firefox and Thunderbird well customized on your computer: A). Initiate Firefox and Thunderbird if you don’t have it. B). Export bookmarks. C). Establish Discontinue Firefox and Thunderbird. Notice: Firefox and Thunderbird cannot be opened until you have finished all operations. Although review the Firefox and Thunderbird in one quotation, Firefox folder must be copied to another Firefox referent, and the Thunderbird folder should be copied to another Thunderbird referent folder. We persuade to ended one program processes before inception the other. It’s your voice if you want to initiate both (Firefox and Thunderbird) or just one of them. D) Cut all subfolder rake it in files with compare favourably with name «n2qigvhv.default» which is develop in: C:Users[your name]AppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles C:Users[your name]AppDataRoamingThunderbirdProfiles Or use the shortcut ‘’Profile Firefox’’ and ‘’Profile Thunderbird’’ Make two folders BackupOldFireFox, BackupOldThunderbird and Paste the files. E) Carbon Twin the rake it in files of the light type: RafaWayFirefoxPortableDataprofile RafaWayThunderbirdPortableDataprofile Paste in the rake it in subfolder with the compare favourably with name of «n2qigvhv.default» which is develop in: C:Users[your name]AppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles C:Users[your name]AppDataRoamingThunderbirdProfiles In receptacle the bookmarks you exported in the old days are yours, connotation now. Done!