Garmin TOPO Germany v6 PRO - Unlocked

I WILL ONLY OVULE UNTIL WELL SEEDED, SO PLZ KEEP SEEDING! ******************************************************** Garmin TOPO Germany v6 PRO — Unlocked Let us handle you on all of your recreational and outside adventures in Germany, from the shores of the North Sea up to the summits of the Alps. Provides faithful topographic maps in regard hierarchy of 1:25.000. Includes enhanced leisure activity pursue network as well as exact hiking pursue network for touristic regions and protracted-reserve hiking pursue network (native square). Displays new and practical touristic facts and itinerary dope, including an additional 350,000-plus km of the touristic cycling itinerary network from the Germany Cycling Nightclub (ADFC) and the standing hiking paths from the German Hiking Nightclub (DWV). Shows exact recreational network dope, such as cycling routes and walking paths. Offers ActiveRouting¹, allowing you to customize and specifically design routes for the undivided method and pursue network. The interest-spelt map displays highlights of suggested routes in ell to dedicated biking and hiking routes. Includes searchable row names (with tally preciseness). Features Digital Prominence Example (DEM) with dumb contour intervals of 20 m equidistance Queue: .../TOPO Deutschland v6 PRO/Garmin/gmapsupp.img, after a long time 2419916800 Header: 14.05.2013 08:42:21, DSKIMG, XOR 00, V 6.00, Ms 0, 010-11288-03 Mapset: TOPO Deutschland V6 PRO FID 2949 unlocked map perception incl. SQL database queue distribute appointment 2013-05-14 722 tiles drain off weight 30 measure assess ca. 2.25 GB (gmapsupp.img) + 92.9 MB (010-11288-03.db) Q: What is the 010-11288-03.db file? A: This is the pursue datebase for compatible devices as newer Oregon or Montana (SQL folder on the gps). HOW TO: Just parrot the Garmin folder to your SD-car-card ******************************************************** I WILL ONLY OVULE UNTIL WELL SEEDED, SO PLZ KEEP SEEDING!