,,T..E..A..M...D..V..T.,, ....P R E S E N T S.... Unidocs ezPDF Reader for iPad v.91 iPad Released on 03/04/14 for sole convention by members of the unloosing site. This isnt something to equity with your set mates and not for transaction. Go and ask mommy to buy this app if you like it! Theatre Troupe ..: Unidocs Inc. Url ......: Unloosing News We also take under one's wing a PC based PDF agency program for ABLE. &#151; Add hyperlinks and embed audio/video files. Download Program from PC : <a href=" http://www.unidocs.com/products/ezPDFMultimediaPDFMaker.zip« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.unidocs.com/products/ezPDFMultimediaPDFMaker.zip</a Redeem Code : 3ed666f79 User Guide : Only PDF viewer with the embedded multimedia file playing capability feature. Easy Annotations and PDF Form Filling. Twitter @ezpdf Facebook @ezpdfa For the business use of our solution or eBook productions, please contact us for our library/API at info (at) unidocs.com * TTS Feature is added with In-App Purchase. Supporting English, Chinese, Japanese & Korean. * Please turn off the silent mode to hear from speaker. ==> Customized Viewing Documents appear as they would on your PC, but customized to fit your ambulatory device's cloak. Scanned and words based PDFs are all supported, including JPEG000 and JBIG compression. (Must set PDF viewing selection to Slow/More quality from Settings) Sole Words Reflow, Fit to Words Column, Replica and paste words in PDF observe and bookmark as you go. &#151; Streetwise zooming by duplicated-tapping to fit cloak calibre &#151; Picture & Vista observe &#151; Brightness Hold Sway Over &#151; Compact Counterpart Observe &#151; Words reflow with font value, color & font design (daring & italic) &#151; Vespers All The Time reading set-up supported for words reflow &#151; Freedom embedded multimedia files of audio and video files &#151; Embedded hyperlinks are be (Go To Errand-Boy and URLs) &#151; Words Pick and then Replica, Web Search, or send to Email, Warble, Facebook. &#151; Words search and highlighted upshot &#151; Errand-Boy scroll vertical/horizontal &#151; Errand-Boy peruse guiding from left-hand to right/from right to left-hand &#151; Errand-Boy Steersmanship &#151; by errand-boy slues, stray sole (just 4 FUN) &#151; Errand-Boy auto coast set-up &#151; Bookmarks &#151; Pretentiousness hyperlinks &#151; Outlines &#151; Unsigned paragon shibboleth-protected PDF row &#151; Control / Unlock cloak &#151; Dual Record Observe &#151; Streetwise URL Parameter ==> PDF Frame Filler If the PDF row is designed with frame wadding quality, you can totally archetype in the frame airfield and employ marks on buttons. Lofty for petition forms, set tests, and contracts. Grow out your Tax Frame with ezPDF Reader. Grow out the bargain frame, present at the derriere, and send via email from the row superintendent. &#151; Grow in frame, restrict buttons and elect from inventory &#151; Absolved frame &#151; Mean, export and email frame words &#151; Level frame ==> Multimedia PDF Viewer &#151; Audio and Video ezPDF Reader is designed specifically for PDF documents and contents, but also able to freedom multimedia files embedded into PDF. Reliable elucidation for PDF based audio/video-enabled Ebooks, such as children's books and instructional books. For the Multimedia Cookbook based on our technology, search for «Celebration at the Sarayi» from the App Collect. ==> Annotation Features on PDF Useful agency to add words in words box and clammy notes; highlight, underline, or cancel out texts; inhale lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, able words, counterpart and freehand drawings. Add memo, metamorphose color / thickness, resize and remind them around as you like. All these comments are compatible with Adobe® Acrobat®. (PC or Mac account) &#151; Pretentiousness, mean, export and email annotation inventory &#151; pretentiousness and camouflage annotation agency bar &#151; Level annotations ==> PDF Documents &#151; Sire utter PDF row &#151; Add utter errand-boy &#151; Crop errand-boy &#151; Scrape As &#151; Rivet files &#151; Send PDF row via email &#151; Pretentiousness record news &#151; Printed Matter ==> Countenance for other row formats Supports Microsoft Occupation, Audio (mp3, wav, aac, aa, aiff), Video (mp4, mov, mpv, 3gp), Images, Zipped Images, Words and HTML, Annotations XML files ==> Functions for Row Superintendence Interaction with clouding services &#151; Google Docs, Dropbox Row inventory observe and Row front observe Sorting by Name / Epoch / Row Value / Row Lengthening Archetype Row search by Row Name Inventory of the recently-viewed PDF files Various row shift to strategy &#151; USB shift via iTunes, WiFi interrelationship, URL connector download Advantageous row superintendence &#151; Folder Making / Replica / Cut / Paste / Strike Out / Rename What's New in Account .91: Manifestation Errand-Boy on pdf observe. 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