Hurried 4.0.4

Name: Summary Understanding: 4.0.4 Mac Dais: Intel OS understanding: OS X 10.6.6 or later Processor strain(s) & skedaddle: 64-bit processor App Trust In: More Info: Summary is a compelling utility that brings you the power to instantly dinghy everything you need for your regular travail as documents, folders, apps, and sites. Summary also gives you some unusual tools to repair your travail as multiple subject-matter Clipboard competence, workflows handling and keyboard shortcuts formation. UNCEREMONIOUS FROM THE FIRST DINGHY With a distinct on mollify-of-use, Summary offers a completely new closer for organizing many times used items. It allows users to instantly access documents, folders, sites, apps and tasks by organizing them into a adept menu. Favorites and recently used documents are automatically classified into groups according to the app that was used to blatant them, and web pages are conveniently grouped by . HERE ARE YOUR FAVORITE APPS, DOCUMENTS AND FOLDERS Are you dreaming of a on cloud nine where you don't need to continuously search for the same documents, the same applications and the same folders buried in your stony drive? Summary gives you your items tidily listed, in readiness to be opened. IT TELLS YOU ABOUT WHAT YOU RECENTLY WORKED Cleft Speedy's menu you will be pleasantly surprised to rumble listed all the documents, folders, and apps you recently used. In this way cleft and re-cleft an filler will be a reprehend you can do in a coruscation. Stifling a record without solicitude, you will rumble it again very instantly! YOUR WEB AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Irked of searching in the hotchpotch of web histories of your browser for a web after you recently visited? Well, we have something for you: Summary lists your recently used web pages, grouped by . In this way you will instantly rumble a after you visited lately. The same applies for the favorites pages: every access is automatically placed favoured its own dispose. NEED A SUBJECT-MATTER SNIPPET? Summary gives you multiple subject-matter Clipboard competence. Just settle upon the needed subject-matter filler from the Late Clipboard menu and it is in readiness to paste anywhere. For many times needed subject-matter phrases, just add them to your favorite subject-matter snippets trust in. Perfected for using multiple subject-matter phrases over and over. Also, you can use a mix of keys to see a contextual menu with all of your subject-matter snippets speedily on the record you're editing. DO YOU WANT AN UNITE WITH TO DO A TASK? There are some things you always dreamed to do with your Mac but were white-livered to ask: • Go Underground or clear all game applications at once; • Forge a folder establishing the name and the place of it before to forge it; • Kick all removable and alien disks at once; • Blatant instantly a web after regardless of the ridiculous covey of other windows are covering your first web browser window... Well, now you can do it: the Workflows menu of Summary is here to fulfill your wish. And, if your prurience is not satisfied by the available tasks, you can forge a new one in minutes using Automator or AppleScript Columnist. DO YOU LIKE SHORTCUTS? If you're among those who dear one to use the shortcuts, you will be at mollify in the on cloud nine of Summary. Forge the right shortcut in a few seconds to blatant documents, sites, apps and folders. Each shortcut will do with care your orders from the keyboard and you can extend working on your projects without any diversion. IT'S SATISFYINGLY TO BE ABLE TO SETTLE UPON This utility is made ​​to forgather the needs of even the most insistent Mac users, but, you know, existence is more admirable when you have a realm of possibilities, for this we designed two modes of use of Summary: a at mollify rob that is always on top of other windows and a clever bunny that sits on the menu bar, in readiness to correlate with talk back to a be accountable your every requirement in readiness!
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