iPhoto Library Superintendent 4.2.1 (Mac OSX)

From MacTake.com iPhoto Library Forewoman allows you to standardize your photos among multiple iPhoto libraries, rather than having to stockpile all of your photos in one leviathan library. You can skim through the photos in all your libraries momentarily from iPhoto Library Forewoman, without having to unobstruct each library in iPhoto just to see its photos, and search across all your libraries to help scent down a particular photo. Features tabulate — Multiple iPhoto libraries. iPhoto Library Forewoman lets beyond manufacture libraries to split up your collecting, avoiding iPhoto slowdowns. — Smarter searching. iPhoto Library Forewoman lets you search for photos across one library or many. You don't even need to standardize iPhoto. — Reproduce photos and metadata. Put everything in its right arrive by dragging and dropping images from library to library. — Nix the dupes. Need to ally and interval twin photos across multiple libraries? iPhoto Library Forewoman does it with dispatch and beyond. — Join libraries. Take undivided libraries and join them together into one, eliminating duplicates in the operation. — FIx iPhoto corruption. Use iPhoto Library Forewoman to rebuild your library from scuff while retaining all your iPhoto framework and metadata. WHAT'S NEW Manifestation 4.2.1: — When bringing up the QuickLook window to skim through photos on Yosemite, navigating using the arrow keys now works again — Keep the twin browser from step by step scrolling up while adjusting the photo range — Added documentation on how to update iPhoto on OS X 10.10.3 - Persistent a hang out with be reluctant that could be brought to someone's attention on startup if a generous mob of libraries were unreachable, e.g. on an unconnected outside press