Adguard Scarce As Hen's Teeth v2.1.359 Patched Immutable (CTRC)

[center] [img] — 2/0116/S3YB0v7AlffOYXVokdJ3DrdwQLPUxGAp.jpg[/img] [b]Requirements:[/b] 4.0+ [b]Overview:[/b] Blocks Ads Without Urge On Adguard provides you with a believable and trainable shelter that instantly and without your participation filters the loading web pages. Adguard removes all the annoying ads, blocks loading of perilous websites, and will not allow anyone to run to earth your activities on the Internet. When processing a web folio, [b]Adguard does several things at once:[/b] 1. Removes ads and online tracking system shortly from the folio. 2. Checks a folio against our database of phishing and malicious sites. 3. Checks apps downloaded from unheard-of sources. [b]WHAT'S NEW[/b] Ad blocking [b] [Added][/b] Added commonplace screen subscriptions [b] [Added][/b] New «Notification Icon» scenery chance: «Notification without icon» [b] So now we now have 4 options:[/b] 1. Fall Short icon. Icon and notification are always prominent. 2. Colored icon (only in Android 4.X). Icon and notification are always prominent. 3. Notification without icon. Icon is not prominent. Eternal notification is prominent, but it has low preference, so it is semi-unambiguous and placed below all other notifications. 4 None. No icon, no notification. [b][Changed][/b] Off With «Protection paused» a eternal notification When Adguard pauses shelter, sometimes Android may finish off it's get ready and then do not effect it side with. [b][Changed][/b] Add a About this stream: verse for each screen [b][Changed][/b] Transformation Mb to MB in firewall details statistics [b][Changed][/b] «Protection paused» notification should not have treble preference in Android 4.X [b][Changed][/b] Changed the way Adguard checks discipline [b][Changed][/b] Adguard now checks if IP talk is reachable before redirecting consistency to a power [b][Established][/b] Collapse when methodology telephone is interrupted [b][Established][/b] «Filter DNS requests» spotlight does not trade with ambulant consistency We have improved [b]«Filter DNS requests»[/b] spotlight, now it is much more believable and works for both Wi-Fi and Ambulant consistency. This spotlight may drastically recover the battery tradition, so I plug that beta testers to try it. [b][Added][/b] Swedish phrasing [b][Added][/b] Estonian phrasing [b][Established][/b] Tethering/hotspot is falsely detected (MIUI, Zenfone2) [b][Established][/b] Established an subject with filtering Small Craft Browser and Dolphin Browser with add-ons installed [b][Established][/b] Viber app compatiblity issues [b][Established][/b] Added Firefox Night After Night to the browsers liber veritatis [b][Established][/b] Added RT Software Studio's Download Director to the browsers liber veritatis [b][Established][/b] Added Yandex Browser Alpha to the browsers liber veritatis [Established] Periscope app incompatibility [b][Changed][/b] Use keyboard settings to perceive fall short phrasing-unambiguous filters [b][Established][/b] Tethering/hotspot is falsely detected (second try) [b][Established][/b] T-Ambulant Wi-Fi business subject [b][Established][/b] Slip while sending feedback [b][Established][/b] Sites with Cart-Encoding=chunked are contravened in «Simplified» filtering sop [b][Changed][/b] Add Associate Boil Browser to the browsers liber veritatis [b][Changed] I[/b]mprove off with available notes layout [b][Established][/b] BOOT_COMPLETED Earnest is not received at “Restart” or “Reboot" [b][Established][/b] Adguard requests to a backend server has asperse Purchaser-Power entrants [b][Established][/b] Download or upload of heavy-set files may be contravened: [b][Established][/b] Add sberbank app to net exclusions [b][Established][/b] UDP consistency may be closed before it is actually established [b][Changed][/b] Compress apply for stiff when sending apply for to uphold [b][Established][/b] Wi-Fi dictate does not trade with Adguard on Samsung devices [b][Established][/b] Always replacing status=500 for blocked requests [b][Established][/b] Foreground constraint does not trade in Android 5.1.1+ [b][Established][/b] Vital Slip: Come To A Standstill caused by slow-paced disparage operations [b][Established][/b] Incidentally timeout slip while downloading heavy-set files [b][Established][/b] Adguard breaks WebSocket tradition [b][Established][/b] Wildcard's «*» individual does not juxtapose a new outline[/center] [center][img][/img][/center]