Linux Lite 2.2 x64

December, 2014 MD5: 0b08075d414e402d2493c46bbf0589e5 linux-lite — 2.2-64bit.iso Press Commercial Linux Lite 2.2 Incontrovertible is now available for download. This press is a consequence of the humongous contributions from both the community and the developers. We«ve added Backups a very uncomplicated to use backup utility, Pass & In The Good Old Days B Simultaneously, Complete Search and our newest members to the Linux Lite software m, Lite Cleaner — an undisturbed to use sense and click practice cleaner and Lite Welcome — greets you on first boot, gives useful news about Linux Lite including Updates, Bear Out and Happening, we»ve also added Come Locker as the new come up short camouflage locker. There are also improvements to Place Additional Software, allowing you to elect multiple programs at once to place. There is also «Check Place Media» that has been added to the Persevere boot menu and at long last, we've added some community created Linux Lite themed wallpapers. As time-honoured, you still get the latest LibreOffice, VLC, Wine and Gimp. New Program locations: Backups — Menu > Accessories > Backups Complete Search — Menu > Accessories > Complete Search Pass & In The Good Old Days B Simultaneously — Menu > Settings > Pass & In The Good Old Days B Simultaneously Lite Cleaner — Menu > Practice > Lite Cleaner Come Locker Settings — Menu > Settings > Come Locker Settings Linux Lite Welcome — Menu > Settings > Linux Lite Welcome Other Changes: New adjustable bulk mouse story added. Added Complete Cylinder as the come up short archive foreman. Added Come Locker. Added new Login story. Clementine added to Place Additional Software. Frame Practice Article has been converted to GUI. Added md5sum verify to right click menu. Added libreoffice-gnome to patent files on a NAS. Launchers now use exo-patent instead of xdg-patent. Persistent power settings/aver variance. Mutter has been dropped. inxi has been added by solicit
tags: Linux