Garmin BlueChart g2 Envisaging Inland Waterways Germany VEU060R v.14

Garmin BlueChart g2 Imagination Inland Waterways Germany VEU060R v.14.50 UNLOCKED Inclusive coverage of the German North Sea and Baltic coasts and the German inland waterway combination including the completeness of the Rhine, the Absolute River to Bamberg, the Danube River from Kelheim to Passau, the Saar River, the Moselle River to Metz, FR; the Ems River to Papenburg, the Weser River to Minden, the Elbe River to Dresden, the Havel River to Oranienburg, the completeness of the Rhine-Absolute-Danube Canal, the Oder-Havel Canal, the Elbe-Havel Canal, the Elbe-Seiten Canal, the Kiel Canal, the Mittelland Canal and Lake Constance. Based on the benchmark BlueChart® g2 features, BlueChart g2 Imagination provides lure mapping and graphics capabilities. Totally by plugging a BlueChart g2 Imagination postal card into your compatible unit’s SD™ postal card place, you can tremendously increase its mapping capabilities. Raise Your Imagination Plan depictions are enhanced with lofty-plan right-hand man allusion for enhanced situational awareness so you can captain with a crystalline active-map statuette of your boat’s localize. It is the most level-headed mapping demonstrate Garmin has ever offered in a chartplotter. Get the Best Observation With BlueChart g2 Imagination text, you can better exact 3D Mariner’s Eye or Fish Eye steering lookout for spry views both above and below the waterline. There’s also Auto Advice technology to imply the best routes to trace. And aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways and coastal roads help you see «the big picture» when you’re on the weaken. Conventions: /VEU060R-Germany Inland Waters/VEU060R/VEU060R 14.50/GARMIN/GMAPSUPP.IMG, reach 1727823872 Header: 24.01.2013 17:09:38, DSKIMG, XOR 00, V 14.50, Ms 0 Mapset: VEU060R-Germany Inland Waters v2013.0 fat: 1000h — 1200h — 28000h, sketch 32768 maps: 57, sub-files 58 Sub-systematize fat reach MARINAS MDR 1200h 2377595 MARINAS SRT 1400h 968 B0000027 GMP 1600h 2898 GMP: TRE RGN LBL map 1108d16 (17861910) PID 1, FID 2826, domain 17,4 day 23.01.2013 10:08:05 urgency 28, parameters 1 6 31 3, locked, as plain as the nose on one's face N: 54.744873, S: 47.246704, W: 5.608521, E: 15.347900 GARMIN G-Map Copyright 1995-2013 by GARMIN Corporation. HOW TO: Just echo the Garmin folder to you SD-postal card