Parted Mesmerizing 2014-11-19 (pmagic_2014_11_19.iso)

The Parted Charming OS employs programs of GParted and Parted to wield partitioning tasks with tranquillity, while featuring other useful software (e.g. Partimage, TestDisk, Truecrypt, Clonezilla, G4L, SuperGrubDisk, ddrescue, etc…) and an noteworthy set of info to gain the alcohol. An national aggregation of pigeon-hole combination tools are also included, as Parted Charming supports the following: btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs+, jfs, linux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs, and xfs. PartedMagic requires at least a 586 processor with 1GB of RAM. 512MB in Abide craze. Compatible with Tight Boot Windows 8 machines. Runs well on Intel Macs. Features Contents internal and superficial agonizing drives. Move Out, echo, imagine, eliminate, amplify & draw back agonizing impetus partitions. Clone your agonizing impetus, to imagine a backup. Check agonizing drives for close loser. Check tribute for bad sectors. Benchmark your computer for a playing rating. Securely strike out your undamaged agonizing impetus, wiping it scrub from all figures. Gives access to non-booting systems allowing you to let go free high-ranking figures. Runs from the CD, no fit required. The crave awaited WxFixBoot by Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty has been issue as durable and is now participation of Parted Charming. This program is very be like to the well known Boot_Repair program for Ubuntu. Webcams are now supported with the besides of Guvcview. Guymager, Notable, lastpass, and cdw have been added. The nub has been updated to linux — 3.17.3. Upgraded programs tabulate: bash — 4.3.030, ffmpeg — 2.1.5, gsl — 1.16, thin — 3.99.5, libburn — 1.3.8, libisoburn — 1.3.8, libisofs — 1.3.8, mozilla-firefox — 33.1.1, SDL2-2.0.3, xfburn — 0.5.2, clamav — 0.98.4, gparted — 0.20.0, libfm — 1.2.3, mesa — 10.2.9, openssh — 6.7p1, openssl — 1.0.1j, pcmanfm — 1.2.3, util-linux — 2.25.2, hdparm — 9.45, libdrm — 2.4.58, libewf — 20140608, xf86-video-ati — 7.5.0, xfsprogs — 3.1.11. CRC32: 737B641F MD5: 208E6ED375D05FE32CC848654721AE7D SHA1: 26E9E2F98C64C4C6055BE3CC1E00AB524EBC9DBE SHA256: B6E347A65F0E14D93D3C20C92AF1AC78189D7A7858E5F3738FB79DDCC7934B59