ES Row Explorer Pro v1.0.3 Patched (CTRC)

[center][img][/img][img][/img] [b]Requirements: 2.2+[/b] [b]Overview:[/b] This is the Pro interpretation of ES Record Explorer (Record Foreman) — the must-have app for every Android narcotic addict. You can appreciate all the benefits below once you own ES Record Explorer Pro! [b]Features:[/b] ✔ Eliminate Ads — Take A Shower up all Ads in the App ✔ More to customize — Set start pages & ALL non-performance windows ✔ More to see — New Idea and color panel ✔ More to require — Dozens of new features( perfectly unconfined) will come soon [b]Highlights of ES Record Explorer (Record Foreman):[/b] ★ [u]Record Foreman:[/u] Click to settle applications, and hinder zipped files ★ [u]Multimedia Explorer:[/u] Click to contend in music/videos, hinder replica(s) and corroborate(s) ★ [u]Cloud Storage:[/u] Supports Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Sink, OneDrive(SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Yandex and more clouds platforms. [b]Features and Benefits of ES Record Explorer (Record Foreman):[/b] ►[u]Record Foreman:[/u] Control your files just like you do on your desktop or laptop using Multiple Limited, Cut/Copy/Paste, Shake Up, Conceive, Printing Dele, Rename, Search, Share In, Send, Secret, Conceive Shortcut, and Bookmark. All operations can be performed on specific files (on your Android figure) or even remotely (from your computer over a network) ►[u]Practice Foreman:[/u] Classify, uninstall, disregard up, and conceive shortcuts to your apps ►[u]Inappropriate Record Foreman:[/u] When this call attention to is enabled, you can control files on your phone from your computer ►[u]Built-in ZIP and RAR aid:[/u] Allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files, and conceive encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files ►[u]Built-in viewers and players for various record types:[/u] Including photos, music, and videos; supports third-fete applications such as Vivacious Thing for better productivity ►[u]Shows thumbnails:[/u] For APKs and images ►[u]Reader viewers and editors[/u] ►A[u]ccess your emphasize PC:[/u] Through your smartphone via WiFi with SMB ►[u]Functions as an FTP and WebDAV patron:[/u] Control files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV servers just like you control files on your SD dance-card ►[u]Bluetooth record browser:[/u] You can duplication and paste files between Bluetooth-at devices. ES Record Explorer (Record Foreman) supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transferring files between Bluetooth devices ►[u]Despatch tasks with a distinguish click, proliferation remembrance and despatch up your figure:[/u] Includes a elementary widget that stays on your emphasize shield to let you know your going round RAM berth and automatically despatch tasks, with an turn a deaf ear to slate to turn a deaf ear to the applications you want to keep continuous. The Job Foreman module is required for this call attention to. ►[u]Nest Egg Cleaner and Auto-start Foreman:[/u] Printing Dele cast aside files that take up valuable storage range. The Job Foreman module is required for this call attention to. ►[u]Spread Explorer:[/u] The terminal set of record handling tools for spread users. Provides access to the unrestricted record combination and all facts directories, and allows the narcotic addict to coins permissions. ►[u]Supports Multiple Languages:[/u] English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Catalan, Turkish, Lithuanian, Portuguese and more... [b]WHAT'S NEW[/b] [u]V1.0.3[/u] *Added auto Sync to Cloud call attention to(set by big important a folder—More, via Wi-Fi only) *Added Send Encrypt Watchword To Me call attention to *Added new Themes *Fixed failure issues [center][img][/img][/center][/center]