From Explain is the simplest way to lead your music. Do you always hearken to the music through Spotify, iTunes, Vox or Rdio? Or do you use Pandora, Deezer or even Vkontakte to hearken to your music? Overused of switching to the player? Instal Explain and know what's playing, scourge and look for tracks, lead good quantity with our peacefully to use practice. Explain is the best music controller, and it allows you to intensify on your drudgery, internet browsing, documents editing without interruptions. Close Up yourself from constantly switching to gambler window or Safari/Chrome tab to discover out the simultaneous pursue album art, it will always be on your desktop. Your desktop is always filled with windows and documents? Don't be vexed, you can accredit keyboard shortcuts for almost every reaction behaviour: playback toggle, pursue changes, good quantity levels. • Be well-organized: Explain is a music controller. You need to unsealed your choice gambler and start playing music in pronouncement to use Explain. Explain doesn't impose on behave music, Explain controls it. • Key features of the practice: — Album shroud and pursue designation always on your desktop; — Desktop widget jackets: produce your own look&feel for desktop widget using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Come After the documentation on our milieu to produce jacket; — Use our Gambler Switcher to hands down scourge between multiple players, break them and carry on instanty, lead their quantity with a separate shortcut; — Intense downloadable Choice Bull's-Eye lets you use media keys to lead your players (even web-players) using Explain, inaugurate Explain with players of your prefer and compact Explain when no players are launched; — Download our unbind browser magnitude for Safari/Chrome to lead web players like SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer and Vkontakte. Produce ratify for your own web players and we will shroud it into our browser extensions; — Cunning mini-gambler unavailable to menu bar or free to be wherever you want it to be on your desktop (can be shown with a customizable keyboard shortcut) to lead good quantity, scourge tracks, look for tracks, haw tracks, toggle playback; — Customizable broad shortcuts to lead good quantity, scourge tracks, rewind tracks, toggle playback, and toggle mini-player; — Lead Spotify, Rdio, Vox and iTunes and even web-based players on any Mac in your county network: switch&seek tracks, lead quantity and see what's playing on your Mac remotely: — Explain may be automatically launched when Spotify, iTunes or Rdio starts; — Simultaneous performance designation in menu bar; — Hands Down portion tracks toand Trill right from Simplify; — Scrobble to from iTunes, Rdio or Spotify or any web gambler that doesn't ratify scrobbling. WHAT'S NEW Interpretation 3.2.4: — Established Growl ratify. — Established ratify for their new APIs. — Established Spotify extend tracking