WordFlex Make Use Of Lexicon

Wordflex With Thesaurus By Schematix Ltd. Estimate More By This Developer About this gushing: With more than 2 million idiom nodes for you to reconnoitre, the Wordflex With Thesaurus is the next well-known in the progress of the English dictionary+thesaurus. Developed exclusively for iPad – in relationship with the Oxford University Squeeze – this fun, fascinating app offers the first truly tactile, interactive notation for consultation lovers of all ages. Carry Out the corroborate fasten together for video demo ! Now more than 50% OFF for a circumscribed occasion (at $24.99) ! ✓ Featured in Apple«s ‘New & Noteworthy’, ‘What»s Hot’ and ‘iPad App of the Week’ in nearly 100 countries ✓ #1 iPad revelatory privilege in many countries ✓ Only 5 illustrious reviews ECSTATIC REVIEWS: ‘One of those “wow” apps…’ – Karen Freeman, AppAdvice ‘Truly an app notable of iPad … stunning’ – Nate Adcock, iPhoneLife ‘Visually divine and aesthetically pacifying, Wordflex has taken the English Oxford Thesaurus to the next level’- Asam Shah, TheNextWeb ‘Caution: If you’re a consultation geek, it's comfortable to squander hours… its fashion, reflecting on concepts of ambivalent mapping and simple natural behavior married with incitement tranquillity by Oxford University Squeeze, scram it truly staging out’ – The MacTrack MORE FUN TO USE, EASIER TO CRUISE: Online dictionaries validity users to scroll for what they want. Wordflex offers a more compelling, intuitive technique, combining fashion and think nothing of to overplay knowledge. By manipulating consultation-trees physically, unlocking tranquillity at will and rearranging the onscreen ‘workspace,’ users suffer idiom as an interactive stake – and come up with what they’re looking for more promptly. UNEQUIVOCAL FEATURES: • For iPad only – the basic thesaurus for the basic capsule • Tree-based estimate with sane natural behavior for comfortable steering of complex entries • Gesticulation-based interaction; inspirational nodes around, tapping, scrolling, pinching/spreading allow strongly interactive think nothing of with words – mimicking the primitive, tactile, fun of knowledge idiom • Advanced technology, combining pungent revelatory tranquillity with immersive experience; potent interface driven by a physics motor and a approvingly productive, tree-structured database • Approvingly aesthetic UI with retina HD particular for crystalline exercise book and visuals • Skill to allowance ‘word posters’ via e-despatch, Excitement, Facebook, or printed plain text • Multiple Oxford's dictionary/thesaurus titles in one app • Command burgeoning of consultation nodes allowing jumping from one tree to another • Unabated audio pronunciations in U.K./U.S. English; clothier-made illustrations • Tranquillity-pungent (nearly 1GB) institution – no network needed to use (except for sharing) • Complaisant search with matches, hints, relatives and palpable-viability sentences • Discerning bookmarking marks consummate command of portion • Bird's-eye auto-zooming/centering • Discerning-burgeoning take keeps toil room considerable and offers seductive auto-unfolding of consultation trees • Unorganized ‘flying through language’ take FOR PEOPLE WHO: ✓ use idiom creatively ✓ are looking for just the right consultation ✓ are learning/studying English ✓ want to better their vocabulary ✓ are ‘word nerds’ digging sagacious into linguistic complexities ✓ come up with well-known dictionaries scant or too still