Disk & Storage Analyzer v3.0.3.2 (paid) + Patched (CTRC)

[center] [img]http://imgchicken.com/images/65578372746821616842.jpg[/img] [b]Requirements:[/b] Android 2.2 and up [b]Overview:[/b] DISK & STORAGE ANALYZER [PRO] displays gen on sdcard, usb devices, perceptible and internal storage in a unpretentious and pellucid graphical contour (infographics). NO ADS, [b]About this stream:[/b] DISK & STORAGE ANALYZER [PRO] displays gen on sdcard, usb devices, perceptible and internal storage in a unpretentious and pellucid graphical contour (infographics). NO ADS, NO VIRUSES. ■ It's the MOST ADVANCED and INTERACTIVE DISK MARGIN VISUALIZATION on Google Take Up. ■ “Finds at sea files. It helps me to manumitted up disk margin by post-haste determination and deleting big files.” ■ “This employment is an imperative increment to any troop browser. it is very unpretentious and useful puppet to search for files by hugeness.” [b]● VISUALIZATION[/b] Folders and Files are represented as a Sunburst graph and sorted by their hugeness. Сentral graph sector is a directory. Its represented by a crowd. The balance of the sector is the subfolders and files. Click on the sector and we go deeper. Employment draws nested levels with a guide of at one time selected sector. Disk & Storage Analyzer [PRO] displays mount points as a pie graph with a manumitted and available margin and the ordering of files by section (documents, images, videos, music, etc.) and extensions (for example, the ordering of the Music has subcategory mp3, wma, ogg, etc.) Materials on available storages taken from mount points of the vold.fstab troop. [b]● UNFAILING SEARCH CAPABILITIES[/b] All contents of the apparatus is indexed at run. Top enthusiasm search can be done in a second. Founded files are displayed on the Shrewd Search age after entering a search problem. [b]● DETERMINATION BIG FILES DOUBTLESSLY[/b] International Top Ten largest files way is available. Using this employment you can doubtlessly unmixed up apparatus and manumitted a lot of margin. [b]● INTUITIVE OWNER INTERFACE[/b] Owner-kind-hearted interface allows you post-haste exchange between modes and pages. Like Google Take Up employment My Apparatus Storage Analyser uses impression pager. Situation Fight Way is now available for selected sectors (only for Anroid API 3.0 and higher). It's very unpretentious to single out files and appear as operations on it. You have the following pages in the employment: [b]● TROOP CATEGORIES.[/b] All files in internal and perceptible storage, SD use strategy act openly or USB apparatus are presented in a structured way: By section (documents, videos, music, etc.) By troop hugeness (prominently, prominently, avenue, etc.). By troop pass (today and yesterday, earlier this week, last week, earlier this month and etc) ● [b]MY STORAGES[/b] age displays the encapsulation statistics for available storage. ●[b] ENTHUSIASM PRACTICE[/b] Sunburst is an Intuitive and remarkable way to manifest the materials on the apparatus. Altogether rehearse-in and you will locate inner materials territory. [b]● TOP 10 Files[/b] way shows you where all the manumitted margin on the apparatus has disappeared ●[b] SHREWD SEARCH[/b] way shows the fruit of search or a peace of a chosen section. Clicking on the troop shows situation menu with a unsheltered or off the validate, locate its properties. [b]Extended click on the section or appendage will put contained files to the Shrewd Search age.[/b] # The employment is OPTIMIZED for phones (2.1) and tablets (3.0 and above). # Employment is still in unfolding, so there may be unexpected value closes. Better FEEDBACK than low rating. Thank you! Try manumitted style DISK & STORAGE ANALYZER first. [b]What's New[/b] * Inflexible Groups and Troop Types directorate. + Added Kind way for Troop Administrator + Added Dutch gloss + Added Danish gloss + Added Italian gloss + Added Swedish gloss + Added Norwegian gloss[/center] [center][img]http://extraimago.com/images/2015/11/08/oPEExeG.png[/img][/center]