Folio Pro for v7.4.1 (CTRC)

[center] [b]Requirements:[/b] 4.0+ [b]Overview:[/b] Experiencefaster and more optimized better than any other additional. [b]PLEASE BE SENSITIVE THAT THIS IS A JACKET FORMOBILE. IF YOU CANNOT DO SOMETHING ON THE NON-STATIONARY SITUATE. YOU CAN'T DO IT IN FOLIO.[/b] [b]Notifications:[/b] Get prevailing notifications. Get communication notifications. No need to bobble with RSS feeds. With Folios advanced notifications way, once you«ve logged into Folio, you»re in proper shape to get notifications out of the box***! Never oversight a notification from your favorite communal network again. You set your frequency. You set which notifications you'd like to take home. You sit in serious trouble and modulate and let Folio do the relaxation. ***Turn on notifications and set your sync frequency to start getting notifications. [b]Themes:[/b] Is your favorite color lime? No fine kettle of fish. Folio has you covered with *41 themes outright! Redirect to your favorite. Tap devote. You're all set. SDK:[/b] Folio uses the officialSDK to personalize your episode by getting your vigorish photo, guard photo, name and email placed marvellously in the pilotage drawer. [b] Battery existence:[/b] Come To Someone's Rescue effete battery existence with Folio. No battery in the credentials like some other apps. You set your sync settings depending on your needs. Whether that's 5 secs or 6 hours, Folio will only wake to check tick off your notifications with nominal battery practice. *Themes lack a donate/purchase key to be unlocked. **Although Folio uses theSDK, Folio is in no way officially sponsored by or associated withinc. The nameit's logos and SDK are copyrightInc. [b]WHAT'S NEW[/b] -Themes now lack the Folio Key again. -Help convey, get the Folio Key for **FREE! -New app name supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. **limited culture only.[/center] [center][img][/img]
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