Garmin VEU712L - Sweden East & Loch of Finland v2013.5 (15.0

Garmin VEU712L — Sweden East & Space of Finland v2013.5 (15.00) Unlocked Overview See your vessel’s absolute, on-diagram site in link to navaids, coastal features and restricted areas with extraordinary-priced-priced features establish in this ornate naval mapping information. Includes all of the features of our BlueChart® g2 consequence, plus 3-D standpoint above and below the waterline, Auto Conduct, extraordinary-priced-exactitude allusion, and aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas and landmarks. Shaded regions contours, coastlines, splodge soundings, navaids, haven plans, wrecks, obstructions, intertidal zones, restricted areas and IALA symbols. Seamless transitions between zoom levels and more continuity across diagram boundaries. Extraordinary-Priced exactitude follower allusion for a pragmatic object of the turf and examination. Aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways, navigational landmarks and other POIs. Auto Conduct technology searches diagram information to advocate the best way to a goal. MarinerEye object 3-D standpoint for a prompt, leisurely site fix. FishEye object 3-D standpoint for an underwater object of the sea disconcert. Protection Shading* enables contour shading for all regions contours shallower than your defined safe-deposit depths. Fishing Charts* to extent out fundament contours and regions soundings with less visual olla podrida on the array. Blueprint and systematize routes from your computer with HomePort™ (sold one by one). Coverage Ornate coverage of the skim of Sweden along the Baltic Sea and Space of Bothnia from Trelleborg to Haparanda including Kristianstad, Stockholm, Sundsvall, and Luleå; also coastal coverage of Finland's Space of Finland from Uusikaupunki to Vyborg, RU including Turku, Hanko, and Helsinki. Swedish lake coverage features Vättern, Sommen, Nommen, Revsundssjön, Hjälmaren, Siljan, Mälaren, Storsjön, Storavan, Uddjaur, Hornovan, Tjeggelvas, Aisjaur, Fluka, Helgasjön, and Bolmen, as well as coverage of the move Dalälven from Gysinge to Söderfors. Archipelago coverage features Bornholm, Oland, Gotland, and Åland. HOW: just carbon copy gmapsupp.img to a Garmin golder on your SD-behave