Ubuntu 14.10 desktop x64

SHA256: c753dbdf665a77e466f07b8f040af00111d609352484a5a915df82e66dd0d163 *ubuntu — 14.10-desktop-amd64.iso Ubuntu 14.10 desktop: guaranty for pandemic users 23 October 2014, by Canonical Add to Instapaper Add to Reticule Ubuntu 14.10 desktop delivers latest applications and developer bankroll Over 30 million computers preinstalled with Ubuntu have shipped globally in two years and OEM sales of Ubuntu machines are growing in EMEA and South East Asia, while Ubuntu Kylin experiences continued success. London, 23rd October 2014: Ubuntu 14.10, the latest desktop put out is today available for download from Canonical. This put out focuses on the developer feel, overall blue blood, and brings a numeral of conspicuous features and guaranty enhancements. The Ubuntu desktop continues to be intuitive, leisurely to use and certain for users all over the domain. Ubuntu is a routine selection for developers targeting the cloud, mechanical or devices because it is leisurely to use, bound and up. Ubuntu 14.10 introduces the first iteration of the Ubuntu Developer Tools Meet, which makes it even easier to cultivate on Ubuntu. It downloads all the Android toolkits and their dependencies and integrates them with the launcher in a apart on request. This is first available for Android and will soon confer to other platforms such as Go and Dart. The workhorse applications on Ubuntu, including LibreOffice, Firefox, Chromium and Rhythmbox, have all been updated ensuring the latest versions and features are available on 14.10. A new increment to Ubuntu is the faculty to look after Netflix with Chrome, so viewers can channel TV shows and movies immediately to their Ubuntu desktop. The very latest printers will also better from 14.10’s new IPP Everywhere™ bankroll, which means Ubuntu will automatically pigeon-hole and lock to networked and USB printers without any configuration or devoted software. Ubuntu 14.10 runs the 3.16 nub which offers better bankroll for Power8 and ARM 64 architectures and graphics bankroll for NVIDIA and AMD graphics as well as Intel’s Haswell, Broadwell, Merrifield and upcoming Cherryview chips. The nub gives an improved audio feel with bankroll for the Radeon H.264 video encoder. This put out also brings appearance improvements in suspend/resume times. Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical comments; “The continued maturity and blue blood of Ubuntu on the desktop is creating more on request from command, drilling, commerce, developers and consumers similar. Downloads of Ubuntu are steadily firm and we are experiencing express success of our OEM commerce.” Sedulousness analysts are recognising better than expected pandemic PC shipments and reports from both IDC and Gartner indicate a regular stabilisation of the PC merchandise. Canonical’s PC OEM businesses echoes this mode with chief OEM partners seeing up success in many markets. South East Asia has seen particularly firm success with OEM partners in the consumer market; EMEA has also seen firm unending volumes driven by wider adoption across manifest sector and drilling users. Ubuntu Kylin, the Chinese unequivocal desktop operating organization has also seen gigantic drag with over seven million copies downloaded since 2012 and four million copies of the last put out, 14.04 LTS. In the last succession, Ubuntu Kylin was added to the Command Centralised Procurement Program , a procurement listing of approved technologies for command use. To co-incide with the pandemic 14.10 put out, Ubuntu Kylin is released today. See the Ubuntu Kylin converging put out here: http://www.ubuntukylin.com/news/ Availability Ubuntu 14.10 desktop is available for download at www.ubuntu.com/download from Thursday 23rd October 2014