Floatify - Adept Replies Pro v9.00 Patched (CTRC)

[center] [img]https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Wn7iuuRCAd8/maxresdefault.jpg[/img] [b] Requirements:[/b] 4.1+ [b]Overview:[/b] When you pocket notifications Floatify will appear you a heads-up popup window with stacked or latest notifications like on android Lollipop. You can interact with the popup, stretch a notification to entirely area, provide or erase the notification or use through initiative like on duty ago, archive or comparable. [b]About this effusion:[/b] Floatify ..advanced Lollipop notifications! With Floatify you get advanced heads-up notifications on your phone. Have A Gander At at notifications right away from the lockscreen without triggering the «read or online» significance (e.g. WhatsApp). Use the QuickReply featue to reply notifications (WhatsApp, Develop, Hangouts, Textra..) without aperture the app! Tip: Post-Haste retort from lockscreen without unlocking! When you pocket a notification PocketMode will use on the camouflage as soon as you take your phone out of the area! This way you can without a hitch skim your notifications. Get rid of android restrictions and customize the look & perceive with colors, shapes and animations as You like! On feather preset themes or nip every home singly! Use form toll app settings and determine which apps wake the camouflage, if they appear through actions like «Call back» or mask the wording for reclusion reasons. Observe the possibilities! [b]LOLLIPOP NOTE:[/b] • Disable notifications on the lockscreen in your phone settings to block double-dealing notifications. • Google does not allow users to disable heads-up popups when phone is unlocked. So this act is non-functioning in Floatify (Settings — Popup — On Notification). [b]ANDROID 4.1 + 4.2 NOTE:[/b] • Not all features are supported on Android versions before 4.3 • Notifications in statusbar cannot be cleared by Floatify like on Android 4.3! • Some devices have a software bug and start talking, please disable TextToSpeech if this happens! [b]SETUP ACTIONS ON NOTIFICATION WHEN:[/b] • Phone is in use (Non-Functioning for Lollipop) • On lockscreen (Merchandise) • On unlock • Camouflage turned on (unlocked) [b]FEATURES:[/b] • Heads-Up notifications in Android L type • Lollipop Lockscreen notifications! • on all Android 4.1+ devices. • For entirely features 4.3+ is required! • QuickReply for WhatsApp, Develop, Hangouts (If app supports this methodology) (4.3+) • Purify unwanted messages • Hushed hours settings • Form Toll app settings (Reclusion, safe, wake, timeout..) • Superior from notification, ringtone or panic sounds! • Through actions like on duty ago / bulletin (If notification app supports it) • Stretch notifications to entirely area • Modish blacklist • Lockscreen notifications reclusion home • Wake on notification (Auto area detection) • Low battery consumption • Immovable and vapour handling • Undemanding configuration • Backup & Replace settings • Much more! [b]TYPE:[/b] • Icon wind up boost (Nova, Go, ADW,..) • On a essay or customize as you like. • Lockscreen notifications themes (Lollipop, Google Wag,..) • Popup area, , color, dash, opacity.. • Note color, divider, spacing, animations.. • Icon grounding, area, connection picture.. • Wording color, max lines, area, bold.. • Infinite possibilities [b]LANGUAGES:[/b] • English • German • Spanish • French • Italian • Turkish • Brilliance • Russian • Hungarian • Portoguese [b]WHAT'S NEW[/b] 9.00 - Added Marshmallow essay and animations — Added My Themes: Redeem your own themes! — iOS lockscreen essay — New heads-up private showing (Monkeyshines private showing button) — Added double-dealing tap to wake — Disable QuickReply on lockscreen — Themes optimized (reselect) — Use camouflage off after heads-up timeout — UI reorganized — Help grouping added — Fixes and optimizations — Translations now provide (See google+ for details)[/center] [center][img]http://extraimago.com/images/2015/11/08/oPEExeG.png[/img][/center]