Semi-Bring Back For iOS 5.0-6.1.2 Your iPhone Without Losing Your J

Semi-Reinstate For iOS 5.0-6.1.2 Lets You Wipe Your iPhone Without Losing Your Jailbreak Semi-Reinstate is a new figuring out for iPhone, iPad, and iPod lean up against users who want to wipe their motto sweep without losing their jailbreak. Created by CoolStar, the proceeding will reinstate your motto match iOS 5.0 through 6.1.2 to near family adapt. It's performed using a classic one click app that is available to download for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. What this does do ● Uninstalls all Cydia packages ● Fixes hotelier put issues ● Erases all owner matter ● Fixes permissions ● Fixes activation issues ● Fixes iMessage/Facetime issues ● Fixes Securely fashion issues randomly appearing ● Reinstalls Cydia (in suit it was deleted) What this does not do ● Upgrade your iOS Rendition ● Gradient your iOS Rendition ● Jailbreak your iOS Motto ● Fix disturbed Structure Files Notes: ● SemiRestore supports Windows XP SP3 or higher, OS X 10.6 or higher, and Ubuntu 12.10 or higher (or the equal Linux). ● There may be a better way to fix your present-day unruly. For example, to fix «Safe Mode» issues, you can just uninstall Nimble Substrate from Cydia. ● Like any other reinstate, rearrange sure you backup your matter if you want it later. ● Keep using your iOS motto or anything correlated to iTunes or XCode during the Semi-Reinstate. Why not actually go outside? ● This proceeding can not and does not restore disturbed structure files! Keep all Siri Ports, as they are not only illicit (except for Vertex on 5.0.1) but they also forge problems and may potentially burgle structure files (even Vertex can cause this). ● Your motto will respring or reboot several times during the Semi-Reinstate. This is impeccably standard, so don't fear. You can download Semi-Reinstate from the concatenate below. Go Along With iClarified on Agitation, Facebook, Google+, or RSS to be notified when our Semi-Reinstate tutorial is available. As always, recognize to backup your iOS motto before attempting this. 1 - Download outburst 2 - bare folder 3 - there is SemiRestore for Win and MacOS 4 - also you can know HELP ( Semi-Reinstate HELP.doc )