iBackupBot 5.3.2 (Mac OSX)

From MacTake.com iBackupBot gives you the facility to thumb, position, export, and abate iTunes backup files. With its built-in plist rewrite man, hex rewrite man, line rewrite man, database viewer, likeness viewer, SMS communiqu viewer, notes viewer, lecture hard-cover viewer, and media browser, you can position and correct any enter that iTunes backed up from iPad/iPhone/iPod Enhance to your computer. When you chain your iPad, iPhone or iPod enhance to your computer, or right click iPad, iPhone or iPod Enhance in iTunes and Behindhand Up, certain files and settings on your iPhone or iPod enhance are automatically backed up to your computer. You can revive this info if you need to (if you get a new iPhone, for example, and want to remove your above settings to it). The backed-up info includes line messages, notes, telephone description, ring up favorites, resonate settings, widget settings, and more. In increment, photos in Camera Money on your iPhone or in Saved Photos on your iPod enhance are also backed up. iBackupBot can export SMS messages, notes, and lecture hard-cover to a line enter or an Outstrip enter. It also gives you the facility to correct backup files and revive them to your iPhone/iPod Enhance, so you can do many things that you could not do before, e.g., customize typhoid mary name, abate brave observations files, and more--and no jailbreak required! Why would I use iBackupBot? — If you to want position and export SMS messages, Contacts, Notes for sharing with friends or for archiving. — If you devastated your iPhone, you need iTunes Backup Boss to position and export your SMS messages, Contacts, Notes, and so on. — If you want to take up the cudgels for multiple backups of different times for one iPhone or iPod Enhance, and free will which one to revive. — If you want thumb and export media contents catalogue Camera Money, Agent Memo, Voicemail and others