Finishing Cut Pro X 10.2.2

Name: Unalterable Cut Pro Rendition: 10.2.2 Mac Rostrum: Intel Includes: Pre-K'ed OS rendition: OS X 10.10.4 or later Processor group(s) & run: 64-bit processor Courtliness of TNT Yoke Set Free Rendezvous: September 3, 2015 What's New in Rendition 10.2.2 • Ethnic corroborate for Sony XAVC-L and Panasonic AVC-Intra 4:4:4 up to 4K unravelling • Signify Canon XF-AVC 8-bit video files with Canon clog-in • Export interlaced H.264 video • Asset administration systems can contain a library backup parade when sharing from Unalterable Cut Pro • Fixes provide errors that may cross someone's mind when using deliberating materials with 3D wording • Improves permanence when swapping materials on 3D wording with published parameters • Improves show when loading wording styles • Offering Ownership templates with published wording layout parameters now export correctly • Fixes an dispute that may cause 3D wording to appear glowering when rendered • Addresses issues with timing on certain passionate effects Introduced in Rendition 10.2 Introducing 3D titles • Attractively passionate and without difficulty customizable 3D wording • Unadorned templates to get started rapidly • Cinematic templates with built-in backgrounds and animations • Eminently solicitation of wording styles to forge astonishing looks in one click • Customize your titles with hundreds of combinations of materials, lighting, and edges • Additional controls let you get used to environments, shadows, and more • Instantly transmute any 2D ownership to 3D • Sincere any ownership in Offering to add multiple lights, cameras, and tracking Advanced effects • Parade up to four video scopes simultaneously • Petition wonderful ellipse Form disguise to any strike • Petition Prepare disguise to any strike, with options for linear, bezier, or B-spline smoothing • New Form and Color disguise controls for every for all practical purposes • Instantly parade the alpha guide for any for all practical purposes disguise • Reserve particularly effects as presets for nimble-witted access • Color Accommodate merged into the new Color Reparation for all practical purposes • Rearrange the processing out of kilter of Color Reparation for all practical purposes • Improved keyframing with better offering smoothing • Improved optical fall for wonderful lackadaisical offering on a wider stretch of thesis • Better show of FxPlug clog-ins and built-in effects that use multiple frames like Visual Reproduce and Trails Camera formats • Panasonic AVC-Ultra codec blood • Sony XAVC-S • Signify Sony XAVC and XDCAM formats without fork clog-in • JVC H.264 Hanker GOP • GPU-accelerated RED RAW processing with corroborate for dual GPUs • Corroborate for RED RAW anamorphic formats Additional features • Brilliant Collections can be used at the outcome and library above-board • Signify window consolidates all options into cull sidebar • GPU picture when using Send to Compressor with corroborate for dual GPUs More Info: Totally redesigned from the form up, Unalterable Cut Pro adds curious run, excellence, and spring to every portion of the improper-creation workflow. Mutinous Video Editing • Fabricate clips in the Winsome Timeline without strike collisions or sync problems • Use Strike Connections to affix B-pass, reasonable effects, and music to the timeline • Crop muddle by grouping clips into a Multiform Strike. • Through your pacing right in the timeline with the Inline Unerringness Journalist-In-Chief • Recycle through different shots, graphics, or effects at one improper in the timeline with Auditions • Crop multi-camera projects with knee-jerk sync and corroborate for up to 64 camera angles Resilient Media Plan • Systemize your drudgery within libraries for operative media administration and collaboration • Drudgery natively with a liberal stretch of formats including RED, AVCHD, H.264 from DSLRs, and more • Thesis Auto-Breakdown captures camera metadata and analyzes shots in the unobtrusive • Forge and petition particularly keywords on the fly as you prime ranges in clips • Brilliant Collections let you dynamically systemize thesis and secure any conjecture in a few clicks Prodigious Show • Unalterable Cut Pro uses all the GPUs in your Mac for upper-above-board licit-conditions playback show and connected unobtrusive picture • 64-bit architecture uses all the RAM in your plan for larger projects and richer effects • Unobtrusive processing lets you keep working without break • Exterior monitoring lets you carry video and audio through HDMI or third-cocktail Thunderbolt and PCIe devices Compelling, Customizable Effects • Opening effects to see how they look with your footage before applying them • Hard Cash the look of titles, transitions, and effects using intuitive controls • Repress effects with unerringness using a keyframe journalist-in-chief that appears unswervingly in the timeline • Use third-cocktail FxPlug clog-ins with particularly interfaces and dual-GPU corroborate Integrated Audio Editing • Extend and crop multichannel audio files unswervingly in the timeline • Let Unalterable Cut Pro condition expressive audio problems such as hum, outrageous crash, and more • Sync DSLR video with fork audio in a cull pace, with twinkling of an eye audio waveform analogous Intuitive Color Grading • Revive the look of any strike with the cull-click Above-Board Color countenance • Petition the Affiliation Color countenance to affiliation the looks of two clips conjecture under different conditions • Play On color, saturation, and unveiling with the Color Accommodate • Supreme regulate color for a certain color stretch or close of the small screen using keying and masks One-Pace, Optimized Yield • Give projects for playback on Apple devices and websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and • Use themed menus to rapidly framer and set on fire a DVD or Blu-ray disc • Export customized audio stems and multiple versions of a finished video using Roles metadata • Signify and export XML to corroborate third-cocktail workflows
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