Strength - 2.5 - Linux (x86)

Kind 2.5 (Released 3 October 2014) of Size licensed under the GNU GPL v.3 for Linux (x86). Size is a easy and beneficent creator e-rules library stewardship bearing developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. True place: Please go to pot for as great as you can. Changes in 2.5 New Features E-rules viewer: Allow changing the website that is used as a thesaurus for looking up words in the viewer. Click the Preferences button in the viewer and opt the dictionaries tab to customize the website. Copy-Reorganize book/Book polishing: When embedding fonts or subsetting embedded fonts, employ the :first-correspondence literature and :first-forte pseudo-unit look rules. Windows driver for Trekstor Pyrus 2 LED. Bug Fixes Fix a typo preventing size from recognizing the new Kobo Feeling H2O Copy-Reorganize Rules: Captivation Brake: Fix replaced words coming go into the muster when toggling the «Show only misspelled words» environs Copy-Reorganize Rules: Captivation Brake: Fix replacing a dialogue with multiple words causing the replacements to contrast c embarrass up erroneously in the muster of misspelled words Copy-Reorganize Rules: Fix foremost or trailing hyphens on words being ignored when captivation checking. E-rules viewer: Fix a regression, caused by a Qt 5 behavior switch, that caused mistaken colors to be shown when viewing MOBI files that use CSS 3 color specifications internally. MOBI Production: Employ input documents that use CSS 3 syntax for colors by converting the color to the #RRGGBB shape required for MOBI Tag Browser: Fix and discharge of books onto a terminology not environs the terminology. Tag Browser: When renaming an filler that is currently being searched for, liquidate the search blame for, as the search will no longer harmonize the renamed filler. Largeness metadata copy-reorganize: Fix getting double from EPUB files that have no double conception by conception the first page-boy as the double not working. Levy double era: Fix lame color schemes not being saved Wireless mechanism driver: Fix a regression in 2.4 that caused rules identical to run slowly when connecting to size enchiridion Improved talk sources Sueddeutsche Zeitung The Hindu Carta