The Deck for BeagleBone Insidious Has Arrived! As promised at DEFCON 21, I have released The Deck interpretation 1.2 for the BeagleBone Insidious (BBB). I'm working on some instructional videos. For now, there are 4 ways to get The Deck for your BBB: 1. The wonderful soft way — go to Prime Computing and buy a preloaded greetings card here 2. Download the 2.5GB archive from here: — 1.2-BBB-only.tar.gz 3. Flow it from here: — 1.2-BBB-only.tar.gz.flow.added 4. Try and download this Google Move shared record: I'm hoping to cruise out an updated interpretation of the MeshDeck for the BBB in the coming weeks. I am also working to an XBee headland to go with this to repay things soft for everyone. A hasty look at what is new: Twitch from Ubuntu 11.04 to 13.04 as a wretched operating practice Over 1600 packages have been updated I reduced the archive rank by 1.7GB by cleaning the apt stash LXDE is now the window supervisor in use Update 1: If you are using the MeshDeck (XBee addon), here is all you need to do to get this up and going on the BeagleBone Insidious: Add the following lines to /etc/rc.local BEFORE the egress 0 at the end: # setup the MeshDeck drone BB-UART2 > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.8/slots zizz 2 /etc/init.d/meshdeckd start The first column loads the pre-installed hallmark tree overlay base in /lib/firmware which enables the appropriate pins needed to run the XBee module. The second column just delays to repay sure this completes before the last column is executed. The last column shouldn't be needed, but it seems that the daemon tries to start before the UART is configured and this is the way to repay sure it works reliably. Update 2: I've created an 11 half a mo video on how to fix in place The Deck on the BeagleBone Insidious. You can it hereMore videos on scenery up the MeshDeck and 4Deck to realize.