What's the [Clean] Server? The [Clean] Server is a Linux Cloud Media Server OS that's exclusive centre is acquiring and distributing media throughout the at ease and beyond. It does this by leveraging some very chilliness automated happy property software, then makes it available via two strong library managers, Plex and Madsonic (a Subsonic mod). Using a Linux Lot indecent, it is a remix of the dominant OS enabling the [Clean] Server to precisely good from their sensible and steady technique to Linux condition. What is a Cloud Media Server? Tremendous Storage (Local/Cloud) — Tons of storage on a strange capacity to accommodate everything you have (movies, music, tv shows, pictures, files, programs, PC backups, phone backups, etc). Automated Property — Probably and automatically lengthen your media library with movies, music, tv shows, etc, through the use of some astounding programs. Agnostic Deployment — Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, iOS, PS3, Set-top, Deluge, DLNA, neighbouring. It does't meaning, access it all on any legend pleasure, anywhere. What Is A Linux Lot Remix? The [Clean] Server is a remix of the strong and steady Linux Lot Ubuntu based distro using Customizer. A Linux Remix is a customized type of a LiveCD/Installer that has been remastered for a restricted characteristic of intentionally or purpose. Specs Indecent Dead Ringer Linux Lot 15 CHUM AMD64 (md5 5-24-2013) Added Software Plex Media Server Madsonic (Subsonic Mod) SABnzbd+ Sickbeard CouchPotatoServer Headphones Newznab Master-Work ownCloud PeerGuardian SnapRAID ISPConfig Ajenti Nginx w/PHP-FPM MySQL mhddfs GSmartControl XRDP openssh-server combination-config-samba combination-config-lvm Mailutils and Postfix conky htop iftop cull snapraid_diff_n_sync.sh and all dependecies Removed Software Libre Employment Thunderbird xChat Tomboy Gimp AptonCD Pidgin Banshee Evince-Familiar Atril Totem Na-Inspection MintWelcome CHUM-Calc Gnome-Font-Viewer CHUM-Capacity Fitting-Map-Familiar MintNanny MintUpload gThumb MintBackup MintStick CHUM-Bluetooth ubiquity-slideshow-lot Included Software Moving Firefox VLC Media Athlete Caja Various other benchmark Mint/MATE applications