WiFi Scanner 2.7.2

From MacTake.com Using WiFi Scanner you’ll see close at hand wireless access points and their details, including channels, signal levels (RSSI), discordance, course compass, and MAC approach devote, signal dignity, peak matter worth, encryption, and much more. Also includes upload and download make haste testing to very soon appraise and analyze WiFi Internet fulfilment problems. “…your wireless router is fighting for spectrum with its neighbors, potentially slowing you down and making your Internet encounter less pleasurable. ...WiFi Scanner helps you clear this muddle by showing you all the access allude to(s) close at hand, and suggesting the best configuration settings to get the most out of your router.” -- MacWorld Clean, accelerated wireless network ascertaining of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac access points. WiFi Scanner is grievous for determining the best fix for an access allude to at impress upon or in the intercession. After selecting the best fix, the optimal course to use can be fixed by selecting the least used course resulting in improved WiFi speeds. Key Features ▪ Clean, accelerated wireless network ascertaining of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac access points. ▪ Solder to detected networks using be coextensive with button ▪ Fully stay for both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks ▪ Stay for all course bandwidths (20, 40, 80, and 160 MHz) ▪ Disclose blow-by-blow wireless network parameters: network name (SSID), signal plain (RSSI), MAC approach devote (BSSID), signal dignity, course, peak matter worth, encryption, etc. ▪ Disclose changes in signal plain over opportunity in graphical be composed of. ▪ Eliminate catalogue raisonn of detected wireless networks by specified parameters (SSID/network name, course, course bandeau, signal stick-to-it-iveness) ▪ Disclose wireless uniting statistics in the be composed of of graphs and tables. ▪ Over each access allude to a duty name ▪ Export results to comma separated value (CSV) files ▪ Spawn synopsis reports in HTML composition WiFi Make Haste Testing ▪ Upload and download WiFi make haste testing ▪ Use make haste testing draw to troubleshoot WiFi networks ▪ Auto run make haste assay when patient roams to different access allude to ▪ Auto recount make haste assay with discontinuation opportunity between tests «Who's On My Network» (IP Scanner) ▪ Accelerated IP scanner that detects nameless devices connected to your WiFi network. ▪ Detects hostnames, determines the MAC approach devote, and in some cases can auto-sense ploy ilk (phone, laptop, router, etc). ▪ Configured icon for discovered devices is saved for scans. ▪ Scanning results can be saved to CSV alphabetize via menu export chance. ▪ Grievous for verdict WiFi «Piggybackers». Advanced Features (supported by some access points) ▪ Disclose access allude to name if configured by network administrator ▪ Disclose horde of devices connected to each access allude to ▪ Disclose course utilization ▪ Disclose if 802.11r is enabled and ilk ▪ Disclose if WiFi aegis mechanisms are enabled Help and Stay ▪ Included Help clearly explains features and all app ▪ Email: <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» matter-cfemail=«63101613130c11172302000006101002040a0f0a171a4d000c0e»[email protected]</a ▪ Prattle: @accessagility WiFi Scanner is the most draw opulence and unreduced WiFi scanning app on the app warehouse and is a grievous machine for dear use and for IT professionals. All features available on 10.7 and later (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite). Use WiFi scanner to put one's finger on WiFi smothered zones and finest the best configuration for your WiFi access allude to / router to nip in the bud video buffering. WHAT'S NEW Variety 2.7.2: &#151; Improved fulfilment
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