Adguard for Mac (v1.1.0) [Mac OS X] [Multi] (2015)

Program name: Adguard Program Typewrite: Anti-Notable, Web Percolate, Anti-Phishing and etc. Variety: 1.1.0 Untie lover: August 26, 2015 Patois: English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and etc. Operating organization: OS X Dossier enormousness: 43 Mb ---------------------------------------------------- About this flow:: Adguard — is one of a style of extensive ad blocker for Mac OS X. It is a endless program that contains all the necessary options for the most insouciant using the Internet. Ad Blockers, word to the wise or blocking phishing and other online threats and immunity of your live matter on the Internet. Adguard able to hinder advertising in any perseverance. In contradistinction to other existing solutions for Internet filtering, Adguard was created specifically for the Mac, which allows you to hinder advertising are not only in browsers, but also in the applications installed on your heraldic bearing. ---------------------------------------------------- Advantages of the program: 1. Works in all trendy browsers; 2. Designed to hinder all types of advertising; 3. Casual to use, blocks ads insensibly in the obscurity inconspicuous mode; 4. Warns about the threat during the mutation to unbelieving websites; 5. Has the module (Accomplice Adguard) to deal with the program exactly from your browser; 6. Prevents from counters and systems analysts, prohibits tracking buyer liveliness online. ---------------------------------------------------- Organization requirements: Operating Organization: OS X 10.7 and beyond Browsers: Any (Safari, Google Chrome, Opera & Opera Next etc.) Disk: 100 Mb unrestrictedly intensely disk break. ---------------------------------------------------- What's new in variety 1.1.0? 1. Added role to send a account in covering of an unexpected Adguard shutdown. 2. Added tutorial telly at Adguard first get going. 3. Added OCSP Stapling fortify. 4. Added localizations: Chinese (Simplified), Consume, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Korean. 5. Changed SSL connections encrypting configuration to a more novel one. 6. Improved flourish certificate and antisocial key age group for SSL connections. 7. Firm Logjam vulnerability (now Adguard doesn't percolate connections with lily-livered keys). 8. Improved machine of SSL connections processing. 9. Significantly extended beadroll of browsers filtered by fault. 10. Now, in covering of its non-attendance, Adguard automatically suggests to invest flourish certificate into Firefox to percolate HTTPS-websites. 11. Improved way of flourish certificate institution into Mozilla-based browsers. 12. Improved custodianship of installing Adguard Accomplice to web pages. 13. Improved Adguard API extensions custodianship. 14. Confined access to userscripts API functions. 15. Reworked institution prepare, now Adguard will calling correctly after restoring Mac from Nonetheless Clique. 16. Improved filtering rules correctness verification. 17. Now Adguard organization components are stored in the folder shared for all users. 18. Now upon switching Mac to siesta configuration, Adguard closes in the air network connections. 19. Firm condition when Adguard won't answer to users actions while watching a video on YouTube. 20. Firm gaffe times led to Adguard bang while surfing a website with imprecise HTML. 21. Firm an gaffe times led to rules with determined symbols being excluded from filtering prepare. 22. Firm an gaffe times led to shutdown when exiting Adguard
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