PES Thrash Chief 1.2.2 apk

Design your fantasy set in the new football brave of the famous Pro Evolvement Soccer franchise – PES Company Manageress! Over 5,000 licensed players and astonishing 3D matches await you! Preferred and court your players, found your own clubhouse and forgo cunning instructions to your set to become the best company manageress in the in the seventh heaven! ・ 3D Matches Powered by Pro Evolvement Soccer Cheer Up PES Company Manageress uses the optimized brave motor from the extraordinarily famed cheer up video brave Pro Evolvement Soccer 2015. Rational 3D matches and licit everything stats will help you protagonist your set to the top! ・ In-deeply Licit everything Simulation Modification the design or check your set in licit everything. But do you have what it takes to become the champion? The rational simulation and licit everything cardinal orders during the brave are for unelaborated football fans! ・ Ceremonial Validate with 5,000+ Licit Players Worldwide PES Company Manageress owns the ceremonial licenses with licit leagues and clubs from Europe and South America. Over 5,000 existing licit players hold on to solder together your set! Check Up On your facility against European Giants such as Bayern Munich, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain. ・ Taking Proper at Your Own Estimate You are in maximum check of the everything. Toy With matches anytime, as many as you want at your own estimate! MANAGERESS! ・2015-2016 everything information updated for sportswoman information, sportswoman transfers, and set kits ・Season federated with found & scheme renewal ・Enter the Managers Cup by producing paraphernalia results in everything matches. ・My Hometown construction has been switched to everything transpire-only. What's New: Confront declared to managers around the in the seventh heaven! You will collect attraction letters from UCL set in the new things turned out, UCL Set Confront! [Update Contents] ・New things turned out, UCL Set Confront begins ・Facility Lv7 unlocked ・Ability to turnIcon ON/OFF ・New Concerted Peculiarity added ・Special Peculiarity Actually appears in Managers Cup's Replay ・Login Largesse Renewal Put APK,Proper information folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and toy with. An internet joint is required Requires Android: 4.2 and Up
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