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For more info by : Parallels released Parallels Desktop 11 - a routine settlement for virtualization on a Mac. New features of all versions of Parallels Desktop for Mac: increased quickness the throw of Windows 8, and 10 to 50%, a style of go that extends the battery moving spirit of laptop up to 25% bolster Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan, as well as many other new features. Features : Opportune use of Windows on your Mac Bolster of different operating systems such as OS X El Capitan, Yosemite OS X, OS X Mavericks, Windows 10, Chrome, Ubuntu and various versions of Linux Numerous optimizations for grouchy-plank business Rapidly throw of Windows applications Microsoft Cortana as a new r Go style can increase battery moving spirit Casually, grouchy-plank operations Use Parallels Desktop 11 as opportune interface between Mac and Windows. It is up to you whether you want to business with the Mac or Windows drug interface in generous shield or windowed style. Turn effortlessly between the many operating systems that supports Parallels Desktop 11th Parallels Desktop also allows you 11 Microsoft Cortana, your essential intimate buddy, to use on the Mac. Throw Windows applications from the Mac attend, use Exact cause and multi-cause gestures in Windows applications or specimen & paste and distract and droplet between Windows and Mac. For example, use the MS Charge apps on your Mac to forge documents, and pool them with Microsoft Angle Apple Dispatch in body to let new emails eclipse in both programs. Share Out. Not only files, texts and websites from Windows, but use the admissibility opportunity internet accounts like Tweet,Flickr, etc., that are configured on your Mac High and unwasteful The new Parallels Desktop 11 while allowing you to business comfortably with Mac and Windows and was developed so that the start of MS Charge programs faster and to unblock Windows documents carried out more rapidly. Ask also institute how casually and unwasteful depot of Windows will now be made, and exam the many new ways to configure your essential operating systems. In Parallels Wizard you can judge how you want to use Parallels acme, then the settings of the essential apparatus are automatically optimized. The new Go style also switches in the interim from resource-yearning services, to increase the battery moving spirit when the colophon is not connected to AC power. Arrangement Requirements : Mac computer with an Intel Insides 2 Duo, Insides i3, Insides i5, Insides i7 or Xeon (processors Insides Solitary and Insides Duo are no longer supported) — A lowest of 2 GB of recall (to institute Windows 7 in a essential apparatus, or if your innkeeper OS is Lion, 4 GB recommended) — About 850 MB of disk margin on the boot enterprise (Macintosh HD) for the depot of Desktop Parallels — About 15 GB of democratic margin for each essential apparatus Software: — OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 or later — OS or 10.9.5 the Mavericks X later * To look into your portrayal of Mac OS X, the kidney of processor and RAM, unblock the Apple menu and choice About this Mac. Note. To set in motion the program, institute the updates and some features need an Internet link. Notes : 1) Mount notion 2) Run the depot program FAQ : 1. It will business in Windows? — No only for Mac 2. Is this multilanguage? — Yes 3. Is this Activated? — Yes 4. My antivirus catch as virus? — Just disable it until prepare not unqualified because some of antivirus bank on keygen,fissure,improvise as illogical +ve. Don't unease all files safely checked by us