sphider-plus_v.2.9(Search Apparatus PHP hand).zip

Sphider-plus is a search mechanism based on the real Sphider scripts created by Ando Saabas. In face of real Sphider additional mods, functions, templet designs and debugging have been performed. For details about all changes, please the chapter Modification Log The names of Sphider-plus folders and scripts are often the same like those of real Sphider. But the scripts are not interchangeable between Sphider and Sphider-plus. In face of real Sphider several messages have been added in the parlance files. You are invited to metamorphose your autochthon parlance and then to cut the files with the community. Also mods, improvements and of course bug fixes are very welcome for following releases of Sphider-plus. Sphider-plus offers a ample selection of customizing the pointer and search procedures. By means of an Admin backend, all settings are presented. As stated above, this search mechanism uses some PHP libraries and extensions. When cranny the Habitat interface, the permanence off these libraries are tested by software, and in wrapper that a library is not responsibility of the server mise en scene, the according privilege is not presented in the Settings interface. For example, if the «rar» addendum is not available, it will not be possible to pointer RAR archives and the connection checkbox will not be presented in «Spider Settings». In neatness to on the availability of all required libraries and extensions, the Debug technique will offer the corresponding messages. Indexing with a search mechanism like Sphider-plus is very disputable on a «Shared Hosting» server. Indexing prodigious amount of links might be interrupted, because the granted unceasingly a once slice can be finished before pointer ahead is finished. Especially if you contemplate to pointer not only line, but also media substance like images, as well as audio and video streams. Sphider-plus tries 3 times to reconnect to the database. But if the server canceled the plan, it will become necessary to manually invoke again the pointer ahead to endure. Sphider-plus will memorialize the last indexed together and endure the suspended transform. Some steadfast functions like e.g. «cyclical indexing» in any wrapper will be unsuccessful on a «Shared Hosting» server. www.ebooks.fivva.net