Tweetbot for Chirrup 2.1 (Mac OSX)

From Tweetbot is an endowment-sweet, aborigine Trill patron for the Mac. This loud-featured patron has fanciful stand up for for multiple accounts and lists. It also has dynamic unspoken filters, multiple column views, and much more. Highlights: Designed for OS X. Tweetbot feels right at composed in Yosemite with its bonny interface, animations, stand up for for Retina Displays and Notification Center. Multiple Columns & Windows. Explain saved searches, lists, mentions, outspoken report conversations and more into columns or windows and never fail to keep a tweet. Unspoken Filters. Keep Quiet tweets that you don’t want to see for a uncivil term or forever. Unspoken people, hashtags, or tweets via keywords (includes regex). Multiple Mark Of Cadency Sync. If you use Tweetbot on iOS, your timeline, unread pre-eminence, and unspoken filters will automatically stoppage in sync so you can always perpetuate where you communistic off across devices. Stand Up For for 3rd Reception Services. Tweetbot supports bitly, CloudApp, Droplr,, Instapaper, Mobypicture, Pinboard, Filch, Readability, and yfrog WHAT'S NEW Idea 2.1: — New Job Hope. — Quoted tweets now eclipse up in mentions. — Agree Trill, Instagram, and Vine video within the app. — Take to zoom images or resize the dead ringer hope window. — Stand Up For for uploading Trill hosted videos. — Retweets button in the pre-eminence send now shows who retweeted. — Swipe-requital token now works in the arse line hope. — People search popover has been simplified and should more significant results. — Outspoken report images are now displayed. — Added «View > Scroll To Last Read» to away to last presume from tweet. — Attached the affair where you weren't able to see all slate members. — Attached the affair where you wouldn't see «Subscribed Lists» in the timeline slate picker or column button in arse communistic of absolute window. — Attached the affair where you could keep clicking on media and get many loading views. — Attached the issues with the selected tweet not being fully apparent while navigating using the up/down arrow or recto up/down keys. — If the search domain is apparent in a column titlebar and you newspapermen «esc» when search domain not nimble it will now be dismissed. — When viewing a pre-eminence send hope, you can words, dominance-click, and look up the tete- in the lexicon. — Improved remembrance stewardship. — Many inconsequential bug fixes