Deluge Finder Unfettered v1.0.9 Android App (Updated 11th Oct, 2015)

Rendition: 1.0.9 (Updated 11th Oct, 2015) What's New? — Immobilized «Download Torrent» button not responding in Kickass Cut B Stop About this effusion:: Search, Download and Cut Torrents in ThePirateBay, Kickass and Fenopy Extensive About this effusion:: Features: — Spontaneous solid agent passage for ThePirateBay, Kickass and Fenopy — Hands Down access to «Featured» or «Popular» Torrents in various categories — Search for Torrents — Clarify search results — Lot search results based on seeders, leechers, rate, upload experience, etc — Cut Effusion with friends — Consider up-loader's comments (if produce) — Consider drug comments (if produce) — See IMDB rating (if produce) — Cautious Of YouTube Trailer (if produce) — See hots (if produce) — And much more What this app, IS? This app helps you to track down Torrents. You can clarify and/or lot search results based on rate, excellence, covey of seeders, leechers, etc parameters. The Effusion can be downloaded and can even be shared. To cut a Effusion, extensive flatten a Effusion search d or use the cut opportunity in «Action bar», in Effusion Details divide. What this app is, NOT? A «Torrent Client». You need to instate third fete «Torrent Client» app to use the immediate download plaice (enthralling concatenate) or to download the realistic matter using effusion . Lose Face requisition to users: Email me your suggestions. Tell me what you like and don't like about the app. What else you think the app should do to make tracks it more useful to you. I am waiting :) Please class and disparage a consider for the app. I am the developer of this app. My app was unpublished from Google Revelry Cumulate because Google thinks it promotes piracy, but this did not become of come upon before the app received 30,000+ installs