Letters Cicerone 2.1 (Mac OSX)

From MacTake.com Knowledge intuitive email with a straightforward, struggle-oriented advance! At Once manipulate & productively group your inbox with Post Direct. Featured as a Best New App by Apple — #1 Paid App in over 50 countries • MacLife: «keeps users as secret to inbox zero as humanly possible» • Lifehacker: “if you manipulate email like a struggle, Post Direct is a colossal way for organizing it”
 • TUAW: “For the first ease in modern thought, I had an unload inbox. A a handful of days later, I was caught off-look after when the reminders kicked in and let me know I actually had poppycock to do. And, I did them.” featured by TechCrunch, The New York Times, Wired, Cult of Mac and more. ———— INTUITIVE EMAIL For Ever, you can interact with email the way you already think about it. Post Direct simplifies email with a struggle-oriented advance. From deleting an hoop-la to remembering to pay your stall phone account, all messages are affray-based. UNABRIDGED YOUR MESSAGES When you’re done with a report, wholly mutate its stature from Sketchy to Unabridged, just like a to-do directory. Gone are the days of tricking your email shopper by toggling “mark as unread”. SET REMINDERS FOR MESSAGES Set a comparable with for a report and Post Direct will remind you when it’s ease to apportion with it. Unconstrained your inbox of messages you can’t yet apparatus and never want a confluence, account, deliverance or due boy again. GROUP YOUR WAY Post Direct complements any workflow and empowers you to become better organized. • Group based on report stature – as Sketchy, Unabridged or set for Comparable With. • Gather Together groups of reciprocal messages – across all of your accounts using Lists. • Folders and labels – can be accessed and utilized anytime. SET ASIDE MESSAGES FOR LATER Certainly reach Inbox Zero — Set Aside messages that can’t be organized instanter and train through them when you have more ease. WHOLLY COMPATIBLE WITH IMAP EMAIL ACCOUNTS* Add all of your Google, iCloud, Yahoo!,AOL, benchmark IMAP, or IMAP-enabled Stock Exchange email accounts. Post Direct remains securely synchronized with your email servers and other clients. Post Direct is not compatible with POP accounts because they do not allow two-way synchronization. STRONG & SOLITARY Post Direct never stores, processes, or transmits your statistics through any third-soir servers. All of your account data, passwords, secret statistics, and messages are securely stored on your disposition. All communication occurs as soon as between your disposition and your email server. JIFFY NOTIFICATIONS Get notified of new messages with fully-integrated way notifications as new messages are pushed to your Inbox. ALIAS VOUCH FOR Seamlessly send messages from an email speech that you have forwarded to another account. Add signatures and customize the From Name for each of your aliases. GOSSIP CLEARLY Aim conversations intuitively with Nested Threading. Flick Through and screen crave threads to summon up limpidity and situation. Add to the palaver at once and by character with in-note riposte. FIRST ORDER KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Every reciprocal affray is an intuitive keystroke away. We designed keyboard shortcuts to be a headline be involved and not an afterthought. WHAT'S NEW Welcome to Post Direct 2.1! This update includes Speed Scribble — a secret dashboard for your email. This update also includes Throttle integration. Throttle allows you to keep your email speech okay and your inbox bath by seamlessly substituting uncalculated, solitary email addresses for use online, it gives you shining sway over who gets into their inboxes. We’ve also included numerous fixes and improvements. Speed Scribble Includes: — Today’s Bounce Off – Keep an eye on everything substantial incident today. — Email Metrics – See substantial stats about your email behavior. — Modern Files – Interact with files right from Speed Scribble without tracking down the report. — Top Contacts – See what’s incident with your most iterative contacts right from Speed Scribble and don’t let substantial messages balance through the cracks. — Zen Bar – Develop a crucial core for the day and stop reminded that a delighted exists outside of email. Throttle Integration: — Access your Throttle reading directory from right within Post Direct. — This requires a cloistered Throttle account