Speakblogger ver. 1.1 Android Apk

Speakblogger is a pandemic portal with an international undamaged database created by internet users who can upload their files comptletly unceremonious of ask. We take issue from alike resemble portals (such as one created in February 2005) in as much as a straightforward to be sure that we can be followed altogether anywhere – while walking, gardening, at the gym, at hime etc. All you need is you ears – no more. We belive Speakblogger.com to be a great and new internet serving assemblage all audioblogs and undamaged records in the site! Blog-isn't enough? Go a kinky gradually futher, become an audio-blogger! Speakblogger.com offers a buyer kindly and innovative interface. We have created a dais, which makes communication around the ball, easier, all because of the audio-blog, or a utter in-blog, as we visit it. Differently to our competitiors who belittle delete compendious messages comprising of 140 characters since 2006, we audio it! Audio files added by speakblogger.com users are divided into categories, which makes determination required components easier. Every logged-in buyer can add their chosen files to a 'favourities” folder. Additionaly, all audio-files can unquestionably be commented on. Each speakblogger.com buyer can admire persist and over other members profiles and access their files, as well as see who is following their blog. There is no limit to the gang of your fans! Add, ogle, over out, exposition New undamaged categories, such as: Archives – comprising of records from years ago and recorded on different carriers (M.L. King's harangue, Armstrong in , Edison, Ghandi etc.) Zoological Monarchy – Where all sounds made by animals are unquestionably accessble even aye-aye has a assert!) Every sounds – everyday existence sounds that always ambiance us (ambulance undamaged, undamaged made by cutlery in use: deluge sounds etc.) Music – extensive handle to music sounds; Dj intros, songs etc. Each sort will be divided into subcategories, depending on needs and components. www.speakblogger.com