Intelligent WiFi Result 2.0 [EN-MULTI] Uploaded by MonstersBugle

Apt WiFi Clarification 2.0 [EN-MULTI] Uploaded by MonstersBugle Program Understanding: 2.0 Solemn website: tie in Speech: English, Russian, Ukrainian Treatment: not required Organization requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 About this stream:: The program for the move of WiFi settings (network name and watchword) on the new operating organization. Run, do Export of profiles, reinstall Windows and bring in profiles. The operating organization will automatically tie in to the bold WiFi network. Additional Message: What is the exhibit of the program? Suspect the plight, you have brought a laptop to to reinstall Windows. Customers do not memorialize the watchword for your WiFi network (WiFi established baton ISP and the watchword is hopeless leaf). With this program, you can, after you reinstall the Windows, reconstruct WiFi network profiles. Clients come almshouse and the computer will tie in to the bold WiFi network, they do not have to re-configure the association contact, or cause employees ISP. They will be pleasantly surprised by the in truth that the new organization is clear itself joined to WiFi. Your «rating» to nurture with customers. You can learn about the availability of a new understanding of the program in the «About». The program does not approach the figures network, which is these days in the name Cyrillic, such as «iPhone (Dmitry).» Features: Export profiles WiFi networks that tie in computers; Expectation details (the network name, watchword) WiFi networks; Bring In WiFi network profiles Changes: Understanding 2.0: Added role to send an bloomer message; Changed the role of the «Data» button; Set some bugs. Understanding 1.1: Set a bug due to which the program is not processed in the network figures containing the name of the important «-»; Added ProgressBar; Measure improved show. Checksums: CRC32: 473D2AE3 MD5: C1FD2BC996B15D2BAEA4DBA661E52D74 SHA — 1: F764985C08A65C91D7B130109AAE0049C6883DFC SHA — 256: 1BF0206D561FE34D63CB2F9E5B7CD4EF8ADA04A6D6DD63BC4CEF3CCCE68C5F00