CSS Menu Generator - Swimbi(Mac 1.8.1)

SWIMBI (Speedy Menu Builder) &#151; advanced discard down and vertical menu builder. What I like about Swimbi is how recklessly CSS menus can be created, customized and modified. Swimbi is more than a solicitation of discard down menu designs using CSS and hundreds of icons all wrapped up in an cultivated and somewhat simplistic Mac narcotic addict interface. It has a lot of controls for customization. So you can navigate any menu you can devise. If you need discard down CSS menu for your website, don't raze your previously with coding and testing in different browsers. Use Swimbi. <a href=" http://swimbi.com/presentation/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://swimbi.com/presentation/</a Draw Up advanced iconic CSS menus in intuitive, narcotic addict close interface. New in v.1.8.1: &#151; Numberless Icons! <a href=" http://swimbi.com/tutorials/more-icons/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://swimbi.com/tutorials/more-icons/</a &#151; Even more intuitive interface &#151; Adventitious skins/configs &#151; Upright visit at first start, only 2 buttons, «Dummy Tour» Includes a solicitation of menu templates that are fully customized to correspond your website high style. The Swimbi UI top acreage renders the menu«s semblance in official previously, while on the davy jones»s locker you can metamorphosis the menu building and correct its draw up. Animated start tips: 1) Choose a cheap high style on the top acreage of the predominating window. 2) Choose a configuration &#151; next charge on the top. 3) Denotation your website vinculum. Choose denotation nav from URL in the app top menu. 4) Click «Publish» button to see your new menu on a in browser. With just a few clicks, you can metamorphosis the menu high style, correct its transparency, customize the behavior of all menu items, add icons, add cover effects to the buttons and texts, metamorphosis fonts, menu place and so on. Key features: &#151; Generates discard down CSS menus or vertical flyout menus, or both simultaneously. &#151; Update all pages of your website in a singular click. &#151; Sensitive menus compatible with approach filter devices. &#151; Numberless icons. &#151; Imports links and HTML conventions from any other menu systems &#151; Be Prolonged-n-discard intuitive interface <a href=" http://swimbi.com/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://swimbi.com/</a If you are a web developer who values fitting UX/UI draw up, if you like to calling efficiently, missing Swimbi would be an utter felony