Airmail 2.5.1 (Mac OSX)

From Airmail 2 is a new send patron designed for Yosemite with firm portrayal and intuitive interaction. Sustain for iCloud™, MS Argument, Gmail™, Google™ Apps, IMAP, POP3, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™ Airmail was designed from the dregs to soak up the same sagacity with a distinct or multiple accounts and furnish a shrewd, brand-new and easy as can be-to-use consumer sagacity. Airmail is totally and allows you to get to your emails without suspension — it's the send patron for the 21st century. We have taken usability and purpose to the next equal with Airmail and illuminate a awe-inspiring-plan with sustain for all worst email services. Rechannel between accounts like a lead-pipe cinch and shrewd riposte to arriving messages within seconds — email has never been so easy as can be and abundant. New only for Yosemite: — iCloud Account sync (except passwords) — iCloud joining upload and part the constituent. — Today Compass, shrewd access to your inbox. — Combat Compass, Airmail Form, Inline frame and send messages as the crow flies description other apps — Combat Compass, Airmail Part to shrewd send messages and attachments. Accounting: — Unified Inbox — Alias. — Argument, iCloud™, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Google™ Apps, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™ — County Accounts — Importance from Apple Send, MBOX archive, EML, EMLX, Airmail 1.x Interactions: — Shrewd Riposte — Past with multiple Open — Offline operations — Along messages across accounts — Interaction sounds — Multi Hit gestures — Argument Caucus Invite — Send Messages Constituent to Omnifocus, Fantastical, Evernote, Apple To and Annals, BusyCal, Things, 2To and generic URI Shortcuts: — Gmail Shortcuts — Sustain far-reaching shortcuts — Shrewd Designation, Stir Up, Designation and Archive — Shrewd folder opting for Joining: — Haul and collapse — Quicklook opening — Google Imply, Dropbox, CloudApp, Droplr, FTP — Inline guise attachments — Winmail.dat opening — VCalendar Conversations: — Alliance by id — Alliance by theme — Chronological Nautical Make Sternway — Muted CC’d discussion Visual: — Multiple visual themes — Minutest and extended Sop — Ugly Quotation Version Notifications: — Per account notifications — Notification center sustain — Notification alerts with sustain actions Deliver: — Gmail, Argument and OS X contacts — Contacts Alliance — Weed Out by deliver — Spread Out Directory search Composer: — Markdown, Html, Html Documentation, and quotation only. — Sustain settings per distinct account — Bullet and numbered inventory. — Paste as ugly quotation — Extended report details on riposte Sending: — Auto CC, BCC. — In Abeyance operations — Send again — Delayed Send — Redirect send — Sending report course notion — Gambol Advanced: — Occasion Motor Car pleasant — Detailed Shield sustain — Deckles sop — EML Import/Export — Disable GPU to conserve battery soul — Applescript — Endeavour watch — Observations Detectors Signatures: — Multiple Signatures — Markdown, Absurd quotation, Html Documentation, and quotation only. — Signature above or below the illuminate in Search & Filtering: — Far-Reaching search for multiple accounts — Shrewd weed out — Consumer Freedom weed out, play messages of the same consumer — Advanced combo weed out — Flags and filters Folders, Labels: — Nested folders — Frame, Eradicate and delete folders — Sustain folder's colors — Sustain folder mappings — ToDo, Done, Memo Reclusiveness: — Per consumer Autoload Early Images, — Disable icon detection Partners: Airmail works best with hosted Kerio Join by GetSyncd.Com WHAT'S NEW Portrayal 2.5.1: — New for OSX El Capitan — Split Shield Sustain — Improved performances and determination — New iCloud Sync, Folder Colors, Aliases, Signatures, Surplus Icons and more are now synchronized on your Mac and iPhone — New iCloud Preferences Sync, the app settings are synchronized on different devices — New Handoff sustain, Composing Compose and folder opting for are mirrored on different devices — New Frame Accounts Panel — New LDAP directory sustain — New Google App directory search on composing send — New Wunderlist Integration — New Todoist Integration — New Accounts import/export — New Genus By Name — New receiver menu on the right menu — New Folder Colors — New OAuth Login Perspective — New One Imply integration — Improved Visual layout — Improved Search (folder and beau) — Improved Layout are retina optimized — Improved Sync appliance — Improved Compose and Offline sync — Improved Argument Idea — Improved Gestures — Improved Joining Markdown — Updated Localisation — New process font plan — Many cheap change for the better and schoolgirl fixes
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